Australis goodies

Australis goodies

 Recently, Anna from Australis New Zealand sent me some really cute makeup goodies. Prior to these goodies, I had tried one of the Australis pastel nail polishes and found them reasonably priced yet the result was beautiful. What I have always loved about the Australis brand is that it is affordable yet it delivers results.

I am loyal to the certain brands and products that I absolutely love. However, I am always on the lookout to try new beauty products and blog about them. I usually turn to reviews when I am thinking of buying some new products & I guess it is only fair that I also share my thoughts on the products that I have been using & reviewing. With the New Year, this is the perfect way to begin, by trying out new beauty products.


The first product that really caught my eye was the Australis “Tint My Brow”. Usually, when you go to the beauty salon to tint your brows, it would normally start around $19. This is a cute little product at your very own hands for the price of $13.50! Talk about value for money. It comes in three shades, Blonde, Light Brown and Dark Brown. A new addition to the Australis range “Tint My Brow” allows you to achieve the fashion-forward, defined brow you have always wanted. This tiny tube of brow tint boasts a lightweight formula that will never look overdone and enables you to tint, define and create your  brow with an easy-to-use applicator. I have tried it on my friends & myself. The results are pleasing, definitely does what it says for a fraction of the price that it would cost if you were to visit a beauty salon. I recommend this product if you are after an instant pick-me-up fix and to bring about more definition to your face.



The second product I tried out was the Australis Bullet Concealer in Medium shade. This caught my eye instantly with the concealer being lipstick shaped! This is a multi-purpose perfector and creator that targets and conceal all skin imperfections. It is long-lasting perfection that does not require touchups. It has a moisturizing, yellow-based formula that counteracts redness and darkness.

The waterproof formula means that it is long-lasting and smudge-proof. I had applied the concealer under my makeup before I went on the boat & I came back with my makeup still perfectly done.  The concealer does what it says and at $15, it is an absolute value for money.  It comes in three shades: Light, Medium & Dark.


The next Australis product I tried was the Australis Bronzing primer. As Napoleon Perdis once said, not to prime is a crime! Australis has combined two of the must have beauty products: primer & bronzer to smooth skin & enhance your natural glow.

Adding a hint of bronze to the skin in the first steps in your beauty regime, this pre-foundation bronzing face primer ensures that makeup will stay put while adding a base of sun-kissed colour. This was something new to me as I’m used to the usual primers without the bronzer. However, this bronzing primer saves you time because the bronzer is already a part of the primer! The epitome of a ‘girl’s best friend’, this works with your skin’s natural hues to create a never ending, flawless glow. You only need to apply a tiny amount of this bronzing primer as it is quite effective.

Another product of note from Australis is their 10 hour eye pencils. The color that was sent to me was the Grape Cake, a deep purple. Normally,  I stay safe & stick to the traditional black eyeliner. I don’t think I’ve even tried the brown eyeliner before! I thought with the New Year, why not try something different?! I actually really liked the color of the eyeliner, the deep purple looked great with the rest of my makeup! It’s almost like a concoction of deep dark purple with a bit of black in it, so it is pretty safe to wear to work! I have been wearing it almost everyday since I first tested it! I can definitely say the Grape Cake liner is so beautiful.

True to its name, the eyeliner lasts up to at least 10 hours and have the benefits of a liquid and pencil liner in one and deliver smooth, hyper-pigmented long lasting colour to make your eyes really pop. The soft formula glides on easily and is dermatologically tested, paraffin free and suitable for the most sensitive eyes and is a great value to add to your makeup kit for only $13.50!


 My favourite Australis product that was sent to me was this Make-up finishing spritz! Prior to this, I have heard of face spritz which you use as an instant pick me up product when you are feeling tired and needing a little refreshment!

However, this is my first time I have used a spritz as a finishing product! Such a breath of fresh air when you find out about new products. Normally, I would use a finishing powder, so I thought I would try this out. And, I LOVED it. I think from now on, this will be one of my staple items in my makeup bag whether I am getting ready for a night out or when I am travelling, I won’t be able to live without it from now on!! It is a light, breathable spray that can be used anywhere anytime.  What’s even better is that it is formulated simply with rose water (my absolute favorite) and aloe vera to maintain moisture and soft and supple skin!

At $21 only, it is an absolute bargain & if I have to recommend a beauty product to you, this would be one of them. I truly enjoyed reviewing these beautiful Australis products & look forward to new Australis products!












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