Chanel Henry-Win

Pink&Sparkles was founded in March 2014 by Chanel; stemming from her love for the finer things in life. This place is for successful professionals who lead busy and inspiring careers by day and juggles a social calendar by night. The Pink&Sparkles reader is smart, social elite, elegant and has disposable income to burn, they have earned it. The modern working woman looks fundamentally different from women in previous generations.

For the first time in history, we’re embracing the fact that our lives are multidimensional. We’re doing work we love, work that inspires us, and we’re also pursuing our passions and making them priorities. Pink&Sparkles is for the young women creating her own future. Her story is one of setting goals, meeting them and aiming higher next time around. Chanel graduated with Bachelor of Health Science and Bachelor of Laws (LLB)  from the University of Auckland in New Zealand. Consequently, she was admitted to the Bar as Solicitor and Barrister of the High Court of New Zealand at the Auckland High Court. She heads her own Employment Law Consultancy in Auckland.

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We have a strong focus on luxurious products and services.

“With every job, business venture or project that I commit to, I do it with passion and work hard to achieve my goals. I truly hope to inspire, encourage and lead as many people as I can to do the same. There is something extremely beautiful about a woman who goes after what she wants with confidence and a vision to be a better version of herself than she was yesterday.” Chanel’s success is fueled by ongoing passion, hard work, dedication and a hunger to lead.

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