All that Glitters is Gold

All that Glitters is Gold

Sleek, sophisticated, sexy, sumptuous – these words barely scratch the surface when describing the brand new MacBook (gold) by Apple. It has the type of aesthetics that command absolute attention, and visually speaking, it could be compared to the release of the new Lamborghini Centenario, it’s simply unlike any 12-inch laptop of its kind currently out there on the market. In looking at the past laptops that Apple has been releasing over the years, I honestly feel that they just continue to outdo themselves. Let’s take a look at this new MacBook  and how it has worked to improve my life, and how it has provided me with joy. As a working professional, I’m all about a laptop that is portable and functional. Put simply, I need something that is light, reliable, and something that delivers a punch in terms of power. I couldn’t have been any happier with the new MacBook. It looks far lighter that what you would expect, given its imposing appearance. But, Apple has done exceedingly well in producing a laptop that not only looks attractive beyond words, but that is also as light as a feather. This was a huge benefit for me, considering that I frequently carry my 13-inch MacBook Pro into the office on a daily, and let me tell you, that thing weighs a ton in comparison. Having said all this, my suggestion to current MacBook users would be this: if you’re looking for a much smaller version of the MacBook Pro, that doesn’t skimp on processing power – then you should really look into the new MacBook. It could surely save your shoulder if you’re like me, and are use to carrying heavy laptops.

This leads to my next point – productivity. It goes without saying that e-mail is a huge part of my life and what I do in my day-to-day job. I was surprised by how easily Mail for Mac worked and how much more productive I felt using it. You see, I use to be old-fashioned by sticking to regular webmail, in which I would log into my e-mail account from an online browser. By using Mail for Mac, I personally felt that my workflow had taken on a whole new meaning altogether and turned me into a productivity powerhouse. I love how I could customize my toolbar for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. This allowed me to work with my incoming e-mails the way that I want to, and I really appreciated this level of customizability.

On the more creative side, I thoroughly enjoyed playing around with GarageBand. As a musical enthusiast, I like to dabble in playing around with various DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation). In the past, I have dipped my feet in programs such as: Ableton Live, Logic Pro, and FL Studio. From what I have experienced, I think that GarageBand is a very user friendly piece of software that just about anyone can have a go at. While I don’t believe that it can help turn you into a sell-out artist overnight, or, help you hoist a few Grammys; I do think it’s something fun to use for recreation. Me personally, I enjoy ‘painting’ the melody and rhythm in, while inserting an accompanying drum loop. Something as basic as this is enough to get me relaxed and spark joy. Who knows, maybe this might be true for you too. Moreover, the MacBook helped tremendously when working with my freelancer overseas. Usually, if I need any type of designs to be drawn up by him, I converse with him via the Freelancer app on my iPhone. But this time around, I conversed with him online (via the website) with the MacBook. Surprisingly, it made things more enjoyable when I was able to see more details of the the project on a larger screen, than I ever would be able to on my iPhone. I would most definitely consider continuing the use of the MacBook for future outsourcing projects, as I’ve found that it has seamlessly integrated itself into my project management. Adding to all of this, the sound quality was purely world class on the new MacBook. I am an avid consumer of TV Shows online, and needless to say, I appreciate a laptop that delivers high quality audio. But even then, I wasn’t ready for what the laptop had in store for me. When I first watched one series of the Originals on the MacBook, it was like watching an actual cinematic movie. I’m really curious as to how Apple has made that ‘Surround Sound’ feature available on such a small laptop, but nonetheless, this type of attention to detail simply has to be applauded. It gives consumers like me, of TV Shows and movies online, an experience on every level.

Reviewed by Linn Win for Pink&Sparkles. Linn is our Technology Editor. Photos by Me.