Apple’s Live Photos

Apple’s Live Photos
Live Photo Ideas
  • More subtle movements, like the smile at the end of a giggle, can create incredible Live Photos
  • Landscapes with some movement can be very engaging. Examples: Waves rolling in, leaves on a tree swaying in the wind, a waterfall in the background. Another fun idea is to have people walking away in the distance and then when you press, you see them move.
  • Pets can definitely show you some personality with subtle movements too.
How to Take the Best Live Photos
  • Focus on a great 12MP still first. The 12MP still is at the heart of a Live Photo and is what people will see initially
  • Live Photos also include audio. This really adds to the experience of a Live Photo
  • Watch for the Live indicator (in a yellow box) to disappear. This lets you know that you are no longer capturing
  • Remember that a Live Photo is a photo. Capture more like you’re taking a photo (and not like shooting a video – which means not moving the iPhone itself too much)

Note: You can also take another Live Photo even while your previous Live Photo is still capturing.

Things to Remember When Taking a Live Photo
  • Remember with Live Photos that it captures about 1.5 seconds before and after the 12MP photo is taken.
  • Because Live Photos capture the moments before and after the still photo is taken, make sure you keep your hand steady while the Live Photo is being captured. Also, Live Photos capture audio. So one tip can be to use your fingers to count down 3, 2, 1 instead of verbally saying 3, 2, 1. Also make sure you don’t say anything you wouldn’t want others to hear when showing your Live Photos off to friends and family.
  • With iOS 9.1, iPhone will automatically sense if it is being raised or lowered, and will then omit anything captured during that time.
  • Live Photos make amazing Wallpapers on iPhone’s Lock Screen. Simply go through the same process as adding a still image as your wallpaper and when prompted, select Live Photo. You can even take a Live Photo and make it a watch face on your Apple Watch.
  • You can share Live Photos with anyone running iOS 9 or OS X El Capitan.
  • Viewing Live Photos on previous-generation iPhones and iPads running iOS 9 is easy. Simply tap and hold down on the display. Remember you can touch the black border surrounding the image, so you’re not covering the Live Photo with your finger
  • On Macs running El Capitan, import the Live Photo into the Photos app. The Live Photo will automatically play when you click on it.
  • You can even view Live Photos on Apple TV through AirPlay. The perfect way to show family and friends an unforgettable moment this holiday season.
With the iPhone 6s & 6s Plus, I have been enjoying the Live Photos function as it adds a special touch to my photos. Thanks to Apple for these lovely tips on creating your own Live Photos. Users of the Facebook iOS app can now share and experience Apple’s transformative new approach to photography, Live Photos, on the Facebook app.

Hope you are having a great first week of 2016!

Photos taken with an iPhone 6s