Bean Supreme’s Beet Burger

Bean Supreme’s Beet Burger

Recently, we were invited to try Bean Supreme’s new beetroot burger. To be honest, I am not a fan of beetroot, and at the sound of hearing beetroot, it would definitely not be my first option.

However, I thought I would give it a go as it’s a healthy alternative, so I have nothing to lose.  So, I tried it & actually surprisingly liked it. I cannot taste the beetroot in it at all, and it was totally guilt-free eating it. I loved that it tasted fresh and the flavour of the ingredients are fully in tact. The shelf-life of these beet patties are up to about a week, I believe?!


This burger is vegetarian and is made from whole foods such as beetroot, black beans and ancient grains (quinoa and buckwheat).


Perfect to grill on the BBQ or for a quick snack during work, the Black Bean Beetroot Burger is quick and very simple to make. My boyfriend really enjoyed it and since then, he has purchased several other products in the range.



Sky’s the limit as to how you prepare your burgers. We prefer to use lettuce instead of bread which becomes a ‘bunnace’, add in handfuls of rocket leaves, your choice of sauce and cheese if preferred.


Available from supermarkets nationwide RRP from $7.99