Beautiful COAQUA

Beautiful COAQUA


As all of you probably know, there is a craze about coconut water these days. My earliest memories of drinking coconut water are of my parents purchasing the fresh young coconuts for me from the market vendors as well as those being sold on the beautiful beaches of South East Asia, something straight out of those holiday commercial scenes!

As I have been living in New Zealand for some time since then, I call it home now, obtaining these fresh young coconuts at their premium quality is not always the easiest task. Juggling a busy work schedule whilst attempting to have a social life, sometimes a girl needs a healthy drink that she can have on the go to keep her going or a healthy, refreshing drink when she is relaxing at home!

I stumbled upon this beautiful coconut water brand called COAQUA through Instagram, yes, social media these days prove to be helpful at the best of times & decided to get in touch with COAQUA’s founders who kindly gave me some delicious samples of COAQUA & I must say after having tried quite a few coconut water brands, this truly has a very distinctive taste!


COAQUA was founded by Grier and Coco & Steve. From the get-go,   the packaging of the glass bottles caught my eye which for me is very important because the beautiful packaging always adds to the experience of the product you are about to enjoy.



In this range, there are varieties you can choose from: the blue bottled 100% pure coconut water, the sparkling COAQUA or the brand new concoction of equally divine  ‘bubblized’ coconut water with fresh lime. For the health conscious, this pure, refreshing coconut water has no added sugar, preservatives or coloring, no fat & no cholesterol. They are simply fresh green coconuts that are sourced in Vietnam, full of potassium, magnesium and lots of electrolytes!

What I really love about COAQUA is that they are bottled in glass bottles which makes it taste so much better than some of the ones in cartons that I have tasted that are available in the current market. COAQUA’s vision for the coconut water being bottled in glass bottles is that ‘a drink as natural as the waves and surf that feed it deserves something better than plastic. So does the planet. So do you’.

With COAQUA coconut water, you can also get really creative by making cocotails, a lovely way to entertain your friends and family with delicious drinks! You can come up with so many wonderful ideas whether you decide to put the COAQUA coconut water in your fruit smoothies, or perhaps a fancy cocotail when life throws you lemons, and you need a stronger drink!! The coconut water with fresh lime bottled in green is designed as a cocktail mixer for rum, gin or tequila. There is a lot of lime in it with low calories (60) and no added sugar!

Recently, I was at a beauty launch party & coconut mocktails were being served & they are one of the best mocktails I have tasted! That’s an idea I will add to my drinks recipe book!!

If you would like to try this beautiful COAQUA coconut water, you can purchase them online at They are $42 for 12 bottles or alternatively, they are also available at the following places in Auckland:

1885, Britomart

Best Ugly Bagels, City Works Department

The Piha Cafe, Piha

Bedford Soda & Liquor, Ponsonby

Mezze Bar, CBD

Allpress Coffee, Ponsonby

TriBeCa, Parnell

Atomic Cafe, Kingsland

Meola Kitchen, Westmere

Cheltenham Dairy, Devonport

Santos Cafe, Ponsonby

Mollies Boutique Hotel, St Mary’s Bay

Kingsland Liquor, Kingsland

Fatimas, Ponsonby & Takapuna

Dizengoff, Ponsonby

Hotel De Brett, CBD


Enjoy xx