Beauty Review: Osmosis skin transformation system

Beauty Review: Osmosis skin transformation system

This week I have been trialling the Osmosis skin transformation system, a salon based skincare line. I tried my very first Osmosis facial at Lucy and the Powder Room in Takapuna a few months back and had been impressed with how smooth my skin felt afterwards. Therefore I was pretty excited to incorporate Osmosis into my daily routine, to see how it stacked up.  

Osmosis claims to differentiate itself by using the most advanced ingredients for skin maintenance and repair. In fact, Osmosis say that they use more active ingredients than any other line in the world with a 6-10 times greater absorption rate than virtually any other skin care range! I was kindly sent the following daily treatments from their beauty therapy line:

  • Purify– Exfoliating Cleanser: “This wonderful blood orange cleanser gently exfoliates and removes environmental toxins without over-stripping the protective lipids in your skin’s barrier.”  
  • Clear– Harmonized Water: “This frequency enhanced water harmonizes the cells, and facilitates liposome delivery deep into the dermis and repairs systems in your skin so that they function perfectly. Clear is used following the application of products to saturate your skin and massage the serums deep into your dermis.”
  • Calm– Sensitive Skin Serum: “Calm works by increasing the skin nutrient and immune support to take skin to the next level, restoring the protective barrier, reducing scar tissue, minimizes capillaries, rebuilds thinned dermis, normalises oil, clears acne, hydrates, firms and protects skin from UV rays.”
  • Replenish– Antioxidant: “Replenish contains 17 potent antioxidants all wrapped in a liposome that delivers them where protection is needed deep in your skin.”
  • Quench– Light Hydrator: “Quench is our light weight moisturizer. It contains high amounts of hyaluronic acid and liquid crystals that provide various lipids to restore the epidermal barrier.” 

The instructions are slightly more complex than your usual skincare. Here is how I used the system: Purify smells beautifully fruity but doesn’t lather much, so take off all your make up before use.  Following cleansing, spray Clear all over your face and massage it in to prepare for your serums. Apply Calm to your face, spray Clear and massage in. Follow by applying Replenish, spray Clear and massage in. Finish with Quench.

This system is beautiful and I feel so pampered every time I’ve used it. My skin is smooth and immediately radiant with no sign of redness. I love the idea of using multiple serums in one routine to target different skin concerns. I would also love to keep a bottle of Calm on my desk at work, to refresh my skin and my soul during the day. I definitely feel like I’m doing something amazing for my skin and I can’t wait to see long term results. On cold winter days I did sometimes find myself applying a facial oil on top as the system on its own wasn’t quite enough to keep me from drying out. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the Osmosis skin transformation system and I know I’m going to be sad when my sample sizes run out! 

Written by: Aly