Feeling Sensational with Berlei Sensation

Feeling Sensational with Berlei Sensation

As I’m sitting here typing this, I’m feeling quite blessed and grateful that I live a pretty comfortable life. My boyfriend constantly reminds me to count my blessings and I’ve formed a habit of doing it regularly. Lately, I have also been pondering a lot about what makes me comfortable. I have my moments of course, but I’ve been feeling quite comfortable in my own skin; it has taken my teenage years to understand and appreciate this but I’m glad I’ve learned to embrace myself inside out.

Equally as significant as being comfortable with yourself is the clothes that you wear, especially when it comes to lingerie. You are in it all day. When I was still a student, as soon as I got home, I just wanted to take my bra off because many of them felt uncomfortable, despite its lace prettiness. I recently discovered Berlei Sensation bra. To be honest, I’ve never bought a Berlei bra before, and have I been missing out! Now, I pretty much live in them. I couldn’t believe how comfortable they make me feel and I swear by them now. I could go day to night without having to complain how tired, uncomfortable or sore this Berlei Sensation bra is making me feel. Believe me when I compliment a brand and its products because I mean it.

With Berlei Sensation, you never want to take it off again because it’s that comfortable.  It’s made from a unique suede like fabric and offers a supreme softness with tailored cup coverage, super soft foam moulding and the famous Berlei support. Mine are Berlei Sensation Lace Bra in black (RRP $59.95) and the Berlei Sensation T-shirt Bra (RRP$59.95) because simply put…every girl needs one.

I definitely recommend the Berlei Sensation Bra and the range is available in Farmers and other key stockists. I’ll be adding more to my collection, Merry Christmas to me!