Billion Dollar Brows: Brows is the new black

Billion Dollar Brows: Brows is the new black

Recently, I was invited to the Billion Dollar Brows event and met Natalie Plain, co-founder of Billion Dollar Brows (BDB) for the launch of the Mad About Brows palette and Glitter Brows in New Zealand. These gorgeous new additions join BDB’s extensive brow cosmetics line offering both precision and a touch of glamour. It’s hard to come by brands these days that are not producing many different products however Natalie told us that BDB will always be about brows and that will be their entire specialisation. I am fond of brands that specialise, they tend to know what they are talking about.


I am sure we all remember those early high school days when girls would pluck their eyebrows thin, something they would have most likely done by themselves. I would not say that I plucked them too thin, but hey, still guilty for at least trying to! Move over those days, now think Cara Delevigne and those brows that made Cara…Cara! It is all about natural and fuller eyebrows.

The BDB Mad About Brows is my now go-to brow palette and I love that there are a few shades to play with. You can mix, blend and create different looks accordingly. The shades are blonde, light brown, taupe and raven which means the palette does not discriminate and it covers the full spectrum of skin tone and hair colors. I don’t leave home without using this palette.  You can go from day to night with this palette. The palette is $59, and is such a valuable addition to your makeup collection.

The Glitter Brows ($39 each- Stardust & Pixie) are so much fun for parties and of course the upcoming New Year celebrations! You can use it to highlight eyeliner and eyelashes because it is a totally gentle and safe formulation. Both the Mad About Brows & Glitter Brows are now available to purchase at beauty salons, specialist brow bars and


I am currently also loving the BDB Brow Boost. It is a conditioner and primer for your brows because why wouldn’t you? Since I have started using it last month, I have not stopped since. Developed by brow aestheticians and brow artists in California, it conditions and strengthens your brows.  Prostaglandin, paraben and fragrance free, it is made from a unique blend of soy proteins and vitamins derived from Pelvetla Canaliculata which is a form of seaweed found off the coast of France that is rich in antioxidants and clinically proven to condition and strengthen hair. I love that it is soft on my brows and nourishes it. I would normally use it before I apply my brow powder, or if I am not going out, I would apply it alone. Each Brow Boost would last about three months, and retails at $50 and will be available to the public on October 1st, 2015.

I have thoroughly enjoyed using Billion Dollar Brows and hold the brand at high regard. I hope you enjoy the products too!

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