Blast your way to better health with VITALZING

Blast your way to better health with VITALZING

If you are into your sports drinks or looking for healthier alternatives, may I recommend VitalZing. VitalZing’s brand new range of supercharged waters provide great concoctions of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, however with none of the sugar, artificial sweeteners or preservatives you are stuck with in other drinks.

Developed by elite nutritionists to be healthy, effective and free from any undesirable ingredients. There are unique VitalZing waters for beauty, health, vitality and performance. Great way to support a New Zealand owned and operated company, I’m all for it.

VitalZing Green Tea


VitalZing Green Tea combines an alkaline spring water base with super fine green tea powder that’s easily absorbed by your body and    20 times more concentrated than a hot cup of green tea. With only stevia for sweetening, this is an explosion of anti-oxidant goodness for your health and well-being. I quite enjoyed this interesting mix. Personally, I believe with these VitalZing drinks, it’s an acquired taste. It is so different to the drinks that I have had before that, it is a bit of a shock to the system the first few times around, but gradually and surprisingly, you either get accustomed to it or grow to like it.

Various selection includes: VitalZing Electrolyte, VitalZing Collagen,  VitalZing Every Day, Vital Zing Vital Boost, VitalZing Endurance and VitalZing Performance. The full range can be purchased online at with select products available from all good supermarkets, RRP $3.50.

I also recently enjoyed trying out the VitalZing Water Drops. They are water enhancers which make plain tap water taste more interesting. Sometimes, we need that little extra touch to our water, don’t we? With plant-based fruit flavours and stevia extract for sweetening, you don’t feel that guilty consuming it!

Zero calories, carbs, sugar and additives. Add a few drops per glass and that’s it. Simple. Four delicious flavours – Raspberry, Mandarin, Peach and Lemon Lime. Perfect for upcoming summer BBQs. They are on supermarket shelves RRP $3.50 for 45ml.