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Celebrate summer with Allan Scott Sauvignon Blanc

Celebrate summer with Allan Scott Sauvignon Blanc

As I am typing this right now, December is finally here and Auckland weather is looking pure amazing, with blue skies and not a trace of cloud in the sky, so blessed! This season is perfect for lovely new bottles of wine to sample. Did you also know that wine bottles make lovely decor too?


I am daydreaming of picnics by the water, lazy nights in the back garden with friends and family and to celebrate the amazing year that it has been. We have all worked hard and we deserve to have the best summer of our lives. Because, why not?


Recently, a beautiful bottle from Allan Scott Family Winemakers arrived for me to enjoy. Allan Scott Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2014 ($18) is perfectly blended with fresh citrus and nettles with hints of passionfruit and dried herbs, ideal for the warmer months, be it with friends or with your significant other. You can pair it with seasonal dishes or alongside some hot, crispy fish and chips.


To view the full range of Allan Scott Wines available from Glengarry Wines and online at www.allanscott.com.