ECCO SOFT 7 are made for walking

ECCO SOFT 7 are made for walking

Another year older. Feeling like I have my life a bit more together as well. I celebrated my birthday with my family and close friends on several days which lasted throughout the weekend. A gorgeous birthday gift from ECCO shoes also arrived a day before my actual birthday to select one of the shoes from the ECCO SOFT 7 collection. I felt blessed!

I had a difficult time selecting whether I wanted the white or black pair because I wanted both! First world problems, I know. A sales assistant at ECCO likened the new collection to that of Converse chucks! I would never be seen with a pair of those Converse high-top chucks. ECCO SOFT 7 is a whole new level amazing.

I picked the white pair with summer in mind and also because I feel that I would be able to create various classic looks with this pair. The ECCO Soft 7 is in a league of its own; quality meets style, a concoction of retrospective references and futuristic ideas. This series captures the essence of urban life. With its black and white contrasts, preppy-clean yet sporty street look, these shoes are ideal for a Pink&Sparkles girl.

The ECCO SOFT 7 comes in multiple urban remixes of black and white, with thick white soles as the mainstay.  The shoes feature super-soft leathers and flexible soles. I feel totally comfortable walking in it. If you feel that the white sneakers may get dirty easily, I have been advised that there is a spray which you can purchase from ECCO, spritz it on about four times prior to wearing it and that should do the trick! Sizes are available from 35-42, with three different styles in the range. This pair below is Article 430023 (Soft VII Women’s High Top) and is $312 at the ECCO store in Newmarket.


More than 350million pairs of ECCO shoes have walked the earth since 1963, when Karl Toosbuy founded the company in Denmark. ECCO is one of the few major shoe manufacturers in the world to own and manage every step of the shoemaking process; from leather production through manufacturing in its own factories and all the way to its stores.

I own several ECCO shoes and I can honestly say that their quality is top notch. Their Scandinavian design philosophy is that ‘The shoe must follow the foot.’ From boots to sneakers, all my ECCO shoes are still in tip top condition and I wear the boots alot. I am all about quality over quantity so I would definitely recommend investing in a pair of ECCO shoes. Not that the ECCO SOFT 7 collection needs much persuasion, I have received many queries and compliments on these sneakers alone!

My ECCO Soft 7 shoes are definitely made for walking, and walking in style. So, I wouldn’t wear it for long distance walking, I believe Ecco Soft 7 shoes are designed for more of a style purpose, rather than for comfort wear. Look out for more photos on my Instagram as I will be styling these sneakers with some of my outfits over the next few weeks. For more information or to shop the collection, visit ECCO Shoes.

Photos taken with Samsung Note 5.
Dress is by ITZME from her upcoming A/W 2016 collection.