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ECOYA’S NEW Celebration Candle

ECOYA’S NEW Celebration Candle


I love lighting candles & usually, I would light it at night while catching up on some emails or doing some online shopping, or even working on my client files. See, as a full time lawyer as well as being a fashion & beauty editor of Biggie.co.nz and managing this website which is my own, life can get pretty hectic and being still, being in the moment is a luxurious feeling which I cherish. I have ECOYA candles at my place from Vanilla to Jasmine to Frangipani. It’s like every time I light a candle, it’s a peaceful moment where I can collect my thoughts and reflect.


Introducing ECOYA’s New Celebration Candle: The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion. For thoughtful yet hassle-free gifting, ECOYA’s new Celebration Candle delivers the perfect sentiment to celebrate, commemorate, honour, congratulate or create a memory anew.¬†With up to 70 hours burn time, the breathtaking new candle is housed in an elegant, white cut glass jar and presented in a refined silver and white gift box with a simple ‘XO’ print and the timeless message ‘With Love’ highlighting the box.


The fragrance for the new Celebration Candle is created by the Nose of ECOYA and Master Perfumer Isaac Sinclair, has the freshness of citrus and leafy green note that create a warm, mossy floral heart, atop a rich creamy base of Sandalwood, Vanilla, Balsam and Musk. Isaac Sinclair, Master Perfumer and Nose of ECOYA described: “White Musk and Warm Vanilla has the perfect balance of warmth and muskiness, helping to define those special moments that deserve to be remembered.”

It has been well received into the market and has helped drive sales for the company to one product being sold every 45 seconds!


This beautiful candle retails at : RRP $49.95.

For more info: www.ecoya.com. Available at department stores and boutiques nationally in New Zealand.