Gifted: Gifts for Smart Cookies

Gifted: Gifts for Smart Cookies

Be a clever cookie this Christmas and send Gifted boxes to friends and family, near and far. Gorgeously wrapped with a cute personalised Christmas card – a surprise delivery of Gifted Cookies. I was pleasantly surprised when I received mine! Fresh, delicious cookies and they were absolutely scrumptious!


Freshly baked, in delicious flavours such as Salted Caramel & Peanuts, Hot Chilli Choc, White Chocolate & Orange and Dark Chocolate Mint, a box of Gifted Cookies on the doorstep is enough to make the Grinch himself erupt in carols.


They’re beautifully boxed and delivered anywhere in New Zealand, plus every cookie is made with quality ingredients like premium chocolate and real butter, that’s quality for you!

From $45 delivered, order from