Will You Be My Valentine?


I really wish that I am able to blog a bit more than I am currently doing at the moment, however I prefer to produce more quality content, rather than hashing out sponsor-filled posts. When I blog, I want it to be meaningful yet exclusive. Recently, someone sweet…asked me if they could get anything for me. I paused and thought about it, and I told him that I would think about it. I really do have a lot of things that a girl could want and more, in my life; and for that I am very thankful. Soon, I will be heading overseas again to explore. It will be a bit of business mixed with pleasure. I want to go out there, see and create opportunities. 

I won’t be in New Zealand for Valentine’s Day. I will be in Europe (in the middle of winter!) but I’m sure it will be lovely regardless. I’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day in Europe, cue the Snapchat stories and Instagram photos. I can’t say much but you will see! Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve always been a fan of Valentine’s Day, sure you should celebrate your significant other every day, but it’s no harm to celebrate them even more so, on February 14. I’ve had pretty memorable Valentine’s Day over the years, and I always reflect with fond memories. I’m planning something special and for my followers, I also have something special for you. So, let’s celebrate LOVE. 

In collaboration with The Body Shop New Zealand, I am giving away some of the goodies from the newly launched English Dawn Gardenia collection. It is inspired by an English garden at dawn, and hand picked hundreds of glorious gardenia flowers to create a fresh and creamy floral fragrance. From the collection, I will be giving away 1x Eau de Toilette 50ml, 1x Shower Gel 250ml and 1x Body Cream 200ml to one lucky winner.


To enter, let me know what is the sweetest thing you’ve done for someone, or that someone has done for you. Email your answers to: chanel@pinkandsparkles.co.nz. The winner will be directly contacted by my team. Special thanks to my beautiful friend Jenny Jiang for collaborating with me by way of the gorgeous illustration above.  

Have a fabulous long weekend xx