Hopt Sodas – Drink Clean

Hopt Sodas – Drink Clean


A modern soft drink for a modern drinker. Hopt Sodas launch exclusively in New Zealand this March and have been crafted by a team in Auckland, Tokyo and Melbourne.

Contain natural flavors & colors & fuse together real hops with premium ingredients like natural fermented rice extract, to help make them crisp and refreshing.

Available wherever great beverages are sold, including: selected bars, cafes and specialty food stores.

RRP: Between $3.99-$6.50 for a 330ml bottle in bars & cafés, depending on the establishment, or $6.99 for a four pack in food stores. Available in Salted Lychee, Pear & Basil, Watermelon & Mint, Elderberry & Herb.

For more information, visit: www.hopt.co.nz

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