Launch of Macleans High Definition White

Launch of Macleans High Definition White

A smile is such a beautiful thing, it can change a moment into a lifetime, a business proposal to an opportunity, an acquaintance to a friend. We all know how important it is to present our best possible self, unleashing the unmistakable feeling of illumination across all aspects of life, but did you know that the secret to putting your best face forward may actually be in your smile?

Whether having a laugh with friends, showcasing ideas at a business meeting or embarking on a first date with that special someone – an illuminated smile can make you look and feel your best at all times. So light-up your day and ensure you’re always presenting your best possible self with the new Macleans High Definition White range, which helps illuminate your smile.


Grace Owen, top New Zealand fashion and beauty model said: “Working in the modelling industry, one of the best accessories you can have is an illuminated smile. Whether I’m behind or in front of the lens, a smile that lights up a room can positively transform it – helping to reveal happiness, strength and confidence.”

Discover the new Macleans High Definition White Range – consisting of a toothbrush and two toothpaste variants – which provide up to 3 times whitening action versus a regular Macleans toothpaste, for an illuminating effect.



“The secret lies in the product’s micro-fine ILLUMIPEARLS technology says GSK Healthcare Expert, Montse Pena “which consists of alumina particles and silica, to gently lift stains and polish teeth from the first brush.” This whitening toothpaste is available in two enticing flavours including Illuminating Mint with white, blue and aqua stripes for an uplifting freshness and Tingling Mint with white, blue and green stripes for an intense, tingling, fresh feeling.


Guests were invited to Kingsize Studios in Ponsonby, Auckland and we were told upon arrival that we would be shooting three different themes: one for a date night, one for your professional portfolio and one for the social scene. It was really fun and exciting being taken to different sets complete with hair & makeup for each scene. I would love to wake up to people fussing over my hair and makeup every morning!!! Each scene, the highlight was of course, on the smile & various ways to smile & the significance of the smile in each setting. I had the opportunity to shoot with the talented photographer Steve Tilley, always a pleasure to meet great people along the way.









The Macleans High Definition White Range includes:

Toothbrush RRP $5.99

Illuminating Mint toothpaste (90g) RRP $5.99

Tingling Mint toothpaste (90g) RRP $5.99