The iPad Pro

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What I used it for 

One major component of the new iPad Pro that I couldn’t wait to try was the Apple Pencil. With this being one of the main features that was touted on Apple’s latest tablet – I was interested in seeing what was truly different about it, and also, if it could improve my workflow in any way; given that I am an efficiency freak. As an avid user of the good old-fashioned pen and paper, it stirred my curiosity, could the iPad Pro really replace my paper diaries and make me go paperless? I was about to find out.

To begin with, I was sceptical. This comes down to the fact that in the past, I have tried using similar digital writing tools on age-old PDAs. The result was disastrous. My handwriting, rather than being a proper reflection of my real life cursive, looked like the chicken scratch of a kindergartener. Since then, I never entertained the idea that there could be any viable writing tool for a digital surface. However, this simply wasn’t true when writing on the surface of the iPad Pro with the Pencil. It was only a few strokes into my writing, when I was really surprised. For one, the letters that I made on the screen while writing each and every alphabet came out looking exactly how I would write it on any odd piece of paper. The detail was realistic and downright impeccable. Additionally, the fact that the pencil fit ergonomically into my hand added to the feeling of writing with a real pen/pencil, and therefore, everything from there felt subsequently natural. What’s more, I really appreciated how there were many colours to choose for writing with, from the palette. Given that I am a person who learns visually, it goes a long way for me to be able to see things in different colours. I felt this aspect of writing with the Pencil took things to a completely different level. With the Pencil, you really can produce on the screen, the figment of your imagination. Adding to this, one of the main areas where I used the ipad Pro as a note-taking tool was in my professional life. For example, I used it for things such as: daily to do tasks, work reminders, keying in meetings with clients, and even notes that were mentioned during meetings with said clients.

The ipad Pro was certainly a very lightweight tool that I could pack along with me anywhere, and for this reason, I would definitely say anyone should take the ipad Pro seriously if they’re looking for a viable alternative to their paper notepad or notebook. While I still don’t believe that it can fully substitute your paper diary, it surely can go hand-in-hand. A second thing I enjoyed using the iPad Pro for was gaming. Usually I am not a keen gamer, but the size of this latest device was just too good to not make use of the mountain of gaming apps available on the app store. I would say that the larger screen made it far more enjoyable to play games with than if it was a smaller screen. Two games that I particularly enjoyed playing were: Sniper 3D, Real Racing 3, and Temple Run 2. The sound quality of the iPad pro coupled with its amazing graphics makes the experience an enjoyable one.

Editor’s note: Linn is our technology reviewer. We have thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the Apple iPad Pro and are thankful for a great relationship with Apple.