Johnson’s Baby Bedtime routine to help your baby sleep better

Johnson’s Baby Bedtime routine to help your baby sleep better


 Johnson’s baby recently launched some lovely new products at Sofitel Hotel in Auckland CBD. Coupled by a lovely lunch, we were introduced to Johnson’s baby bedtime bath and bedtime lotion, products you can use on your baby as part of a nightly routine.


Researchers at Johnson & Johnson partnered with leading paediatric sleep expert Dr. Jodi A Mindell PhD to design a 3-step routine that has been proven to help baby sleep better in just one week.


I don’t have my own baby just yet, however from what my friends have told me so far, the lack of sleep (despite being it all worth it!) can be a bit of an issue for new mothers, especially first time mothers, they get quite anxious, helpless and at times, in tears!


Johnson’s baby Bedtime Bath and Bedtime Lotion have been formulated with NATURAL CALM essences, a unique blend of gentle ingredients and soothing aromas that help soothe and relax baby before bedtime so the whole family can get a good night’s sleep.

Use it as part of a nightly routine consisting of

(1) A warm bath

(2) Gentle massage

(3) Quiet activities before sleep

Try it for seven nights and see the difference it could make to you and your baby.


Results: Babies fall asleep 37% faster, 37% fewer night awakenings, 49% decrease in the total amount of time babies are awake during the night, 55% reduction of anxiety in mums.

I have tried the lotion on myself and it surprisingly feels soothing and definitely calming.

Johnson’s baby Bedtime Bath: RRP $5.59 for 200ml, $8.99 for 500ml

Johnson’s baby Bedtime Lotion for baby’s delicate skin:  RRP $5.59 for 200ml