Keep warm this winter with Pitango Malaysian Vegetarian Laksa

Keep warm this winter with Pitango Malaysian Vegetarian Laksa

I always have a special place in my heart for Malaysia and Malaysian food because I lived in Malaysia for three years when I was a young girl and recently have been back to visit and explore. If you haven’t been to Langkawi Island (a part of Malaysia), it’s heaven on earth, a must visit. Malaysian food never disappoints me, people are always gushing about how great Thai food is but you have got to try Malaysian food. It’s so flavoursome and I love the blend of herbs and spices combined together to unearth a unique taste and experience.

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I was excited to receive a delivery from Pitango recently and of course my favourite is the new Pitango Malaysian Vegetable Laksa. Running a blog and an Employment Law Consultancy means that often, I find it difficult to prepare food all the time, thank God for mom! So, receiving laksa (in a chilly bag) pretty much ready-made for me is a lovely time-saver. So, thank you Pitango!


It truly is full of flavour and perfect for rainy and winter nights! Laksa is a beautifully aromatic spiced noodle soup and Pitango has packed it with vegetables, coconut, lemongrass and chilli; all natural ingredients.


Of course, you can then add your personal touches to it. Such as garnishing it with fresh chopped coriander and a slice of lime, perhaps add some chicken and/or seafood and top it off with either tofu pockets (not for me, but some people enjoy tofu pockets) and bean sprouts. Your local Asian grocery store will have a plethora of fresh ingredients for you to top your Laksa up with. You can choose the type of noodles you prefer; traditionally they would use two different types of noodles; I tend to prefer using the ‘Hokkien’ noodles only. Yes, I am picky with noodles!


The new Pitango Malaysian Vegetable Laksa (RRP $6.79 – 600 g) is available now from leading supermarkets nationwide. I will definitely be stocking up on it, get yours now.