Fresh from my getaway to Melbourne, I returned home to Auckland but unfortunately with a terrible flu. Not how I had planned, so I decided it would be best to recover by way of a staycation. I love luxurious hotels and accomodation so what better way to recover than spending my weekend at the newly refurbished Hilton Hotel in the Viaduct. Personally, I try to ensure (as much as I can) that I am feeling balanced in all areas of my life. These days, I’m feeling a bit anxious and I just need to find that focus & drive once again. 

Lucky for me, I checked into the Hilton on a beautiful sunny day. I fell in love with the beautiful and modern interiors which have been designed to reflect the premium location, referencing Auckland’s most significant asset which is the Waitemata Harbour. I was advised that the internationally renowned architectural firm Chada was commissioned to introduce contemporary design elements to the hotel’s facilities, guest rooms and restaurants to accomodate the increasingly diverse tourism market.

Naturally, I dropped my luggage off in my room and decided to make the most of the swimming pool.


I enjoyed a buffet breakfast at FISH, Level 1 at the Hilton. They had a lovely assortment of both Asian and European delights. In comparison to other hotels in Auckland, the buffet breakfast at FISH is SO much better on many levels. Staff were polite and helpful and they were able to make my fried egg whites, which is very essential to me. This is definitely a thumbs up because when I was at Sofitel Hotel for an event, the waiter refused to take my order where I specifically asked for fried egg whites. I’ve stayed at many luxurious hotels in my life, and being looked after as a valued guest (that includes tending to my dietary requirements) is something that is very important to me. 

For the sake of Instagram worthy photos, we handpicked an assortment of samples and tried the delicacies presented beautifully on the tables. Usually, I try to eat as healthy as I possibly can and the breakfast at the Hilton was able to cater to it accordingly. That makes me really happy. I started my breakfast with a beautiful cup of green tea and ended it with a glass of watermelon juice. I was then ready to start my day. 


Drinks at Bellini Bar

I would frequent the Bellini Bar on a somewhat regular basis but I’ve only been back for the first time now since the refurbishment. I loved the style before, it was minimalistic and chic. However, the new design added an interesting flair and fun to the atmosphere. The selection of drinks on the menu is quite impressive. I found it difficult to choose but in due time, I found THE drink for me. 

We sipped on mojitos and my favorite Pink Truffle (must try!) a rose water infused drink, the creamy texture had me at hello and the drink is topped with dried rose petals; need I say more?! Although it was a Saturday night, the atmosphere was calm and just right for me. 


After shooting some photos by the pool, we got ready to head out to dinner. I wore my new dress by REVIEW Australia, they now have a boutique in St. Luke’s mall. If you love your classic looks, you’ll find some cute outfits there; vintage inspired. 

As it’s Restaurant month here in Auckland, we were spoilt for choice. There was a separate menu for Restaurant month. After some ooh-ing and ahh-ing and literally being indecisive, we decided with the a-la carte menu. I selected an entree of scrumptious fresh oysters with a side of french fries (a rare treat!) and had crayfish as the main. The serving size was reasonable but I would recommend ordering several entrees prior to starting your main. As it was a Saturday night, the wait-time for the food was slightly longer than we had expected, but that’s okay because we had a lot to discuss, over dinner. 

We skipped dessert but I can definitely let you know that the choices seemed amazing! Back in the room, we brought along a gorgeous bottle of Lanson champagne to enjoy, thank you Lanson!



I believe we had the standard room so there was no harbour view. I think for our next visit, we will opt for the harbour view; otherwise it does feel a bit claustrophobic. However, the advantage was that we were on the same floor as the swimming pool and the fitness centre so, access was quick and easy. We didn’t have time to squeeze in a workout however, we had a lovely time shooting by the pool and swimming in the heated pool. As you can see, the pool is somewhat unique, when you get there, you’ll know what I mean. 

The bathroom was a good size which is important as it’s best to feel comfortable when you are showering or having a relaxing bath. The cool thing I noticed is that you can also listen in on what’s on the TV as there’s a ‘speaker’ button in the bathroom; I thought that was a neat feature. 

Complimentary wifi was also provided as a Hilton Honours member. If you’re not one, you can easily sign up in a minute or two, pretty hassle free. I love the location of Hilton Hotel in Auckland as although you are still able to enjoy the city centre, you’re also at a locale where you can get some privacy and serenity. 


New season underwear by Jockey Women 

Thank you to the team at Hilton Hotel Auckland for being so accomodating and making me feel right at home! I can’t wait to come back and stay. Now, to check out the next Hilton Hotel in another land. Do let me know if I should stay at any specific Hilton Hotel in this beautiful world. Connect with me on Instagram @PinkandSparklesNZ.