Love Affair with Guerlain

Love Affair with Guerlain

Guerlain My Supertips

I cannot live without my lip balms and lipsticks. Dry lips are a no-no for me. Enough said. Guerlain has come up with the My Super Tips beauty survival kit which offers quick and effective solutions to our everyday issues. My saviour this winter has been Guerlain’s SuperLips $57, which is inspired by the famous Baume de la Ferté; a cult product since 1830. A blend of ultra-melting butters and oils, including French grapeseed oil and contains more than 70% in oleic acid which is an essential fatty acid that acts as a substitute for the lipid film. I apply it in the morning to replump my smile and in the evening before bed to prevent dehydrating during the night. They were launched in New Zealand on 6th June and are available exclusively at Smith & Caughey’s on Queen Street in Auckland. 


Morning Skin & Good night Skin

Another Guerlain product I have fallen in love with is the Guerlain Honey Nectar Lotion, $137, launched in New Zealand in May 2016. I love that the lotion is slightly textured giving it consistency without the stickiness. It’s one of the most hydrating lotion I have tried leaving my skin firmer and smoother and giving me the glow that I love. My skin is then ready to receive its first skincare. I’ve been told by a skincare expert that no matter how great your makeup products are, the first step to that flawless skin is always ensuring that you indulge your skin with quality skincare ensuring that it rightfully receives the treatment that it deserves. 

Guerlain Meteorites 2016

I have heard SO much about Guerlain Meteorites and I have always wanted to play with it. There are several versions of the Guerlain Meteorites. The packaging is one of the best in the luxury beauty market, it’s seriously gorgeous. I’ve seen countless Instagram snaps about it so I was really excited when I received my very own Guerlain Meteorites Pearls Carousel Collector 2016, $98. Although it’s a splurge, it is one that is worth it because it does last a lifetime (literally) as I don’t know anyone that actually runs out of it (probably because it’s too beautiful to look at!) I was not disappointed at all, and this limited edition piece is now in my beauty museum and cue the Instagram photos. They slightly blur skin texture, offering a kind of soft focus finish, and impart radiance to the skin. It is more of a subtle halo of light that illuminates the skin without being noticeable. I love that. 

During summertime, Guerlain Meteorites Pearls are reinvented in delicate, pastel colors. This limited-edition skin-enhancing harmony gently fades away imperfections and gives your complexion a fresh glow. Fuchsia revives; soft mauve catches the light; sunny yellow fights dullness; and pearlescent white reflects the light. Innovative stardust technology transforms UV rays into visible, soft-focus, perfect light, while the mix of harmonious shades tailors luminosity to your skin tone. I sweep a brush into the pearls to pick up a coat of powder before buffing this lightly onto my skin where needed. I love it as a setting powder for mattifying areas of the face where it’s a bit shiny. I’m absolutely smitten with these little pearls of joy. 

Hope you have enjoyed this sneak peak of some of the beautiful products I have been using this winter. These are my first Guerlain products and I am very impressed. Do let me know the Guerlain beauties I should try.