Loving: Blossom by Jimmy Choo

Loving: Blossom by Jimmy Choo

A new fragrance which arrived on my desk recently is Blossom by Jimmy Choo. The name Jimmy Choo is synonymous to luxury and this fragrance spells it out perfectly. A girl can never have enough pair of Jimmy Choo shoes and of course the brand’s fragrances!


The bottle is synonymous with the Jimmy Choo signature fragrance, the iconic faceted bottle. Blossom is in fuchsia hues to embody the fun seeking nature and capped with a diamond-inspired cap and presented in a  glittering pink box which twinkles in the light like a semi-precious stone. So dreamy and perfect for our blog ‘Pink&Sparkles’. In fact, it is too pretty to open. We feel pretty spoilt.


Every fragrance has its story. Jimmy Choo Blossom is akin to the anticipation of a night with your best girlfriends and the sip of a first cocktail, the burst of excitement before the party starts. We all know that feeling and we all know those precious moments, it’s fun and it’s glamorous. Sparkling and vivacious, a bold new bouquet for bright young things, this beautiful fragrance has the beat of every city girl at its heart, joyful and alluring. The world is your oyster, live it; I remember one of my professors telling us that in our first year of law school. That is how I feel when I wear Blossom by Jimmy Choo.

I love that this fragrance makes me feel more confident and glamorous when I wear it. Six inches tall and bullet proof. In addition, I also love that it is a sweet, yet not an overbearing smell. Destined never to fade into the background, just like the wearer, a spritz of this fresh and fruity floral is all you need. Here is a snapshot I took:

2015-06-12 13.59.22

The scent itself opens with a lively blend of juicy red berries, the sweetness is softened by a subtle squeeze of citrus that cuts through the ripe fruits and makes way for the delicate rose and sweet pea extracts that follow.

Dancing on the skin like blossom in the breeze, as the scent slowly mellows creamy white musk and sandalwood waft gently to the forefront, bringing with them an air of sophistication. Thank you Jimmy Choo for this lovely fragrance we totally adore!


Perfumer Louise Turner stated that she wanted to produce the sensation of an endless shower of petals that swirl around you forever. The fragrance is very much me in a bottle. I totally love it and it is definitely one of my favourite fragrances on my dressing table.

60ml RRP$99

40ml RRP $65

Available at selected department stores, pharmacies and Farmers in New Zealand. Get yours now & enjoy xx