Loving: Karen Murrell Racy Rata lipstick

Loving: Karen Murrell Racy Rata lipstick

Racy Rata. I must say this is my favorite Karen Murrell lipstick to date.

The inspiration behind Karen Murrell’s new lipstick color was motivated during a breathtaking road trip through the South Island, surrounded by enchanting Rata trees bursting with vibrantly coloured berry-red flowers. To be honest though, the color of the lipstick is prettier than the actual color of Rata!

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Karen Murrell was on her first ever South Island road trip when the Rata flower became an inspiration for this lipstick, as there was blooming Rata everywhere.


It is bright raspberry-red shade, such a gorgeous berry stained pout and a beautiful addition to the rest of your makeup look. I am wearing it to the office and to events, so it is very much a versatile shade to suit all women.


Hailed as ‘vegetarian lipsticks’, Karen Murrell lipsticks are made with no animal-based materials and are not tested on animals.


Avocado oil to provide lips with hydration and protection. Cinnamon to plump lips to make them look fuller. Evening Primrose Oil to soothe and moisturise dry lips and Carnauba wax renowned for its high melting point ensures Karen Murrell lipsticks do not melt in your handbag.


Racy Rata RRP $29.95

Available now at selected pharmacies and health food stores nationwide.