Loving: Stadler Form Selina Hygrometer

Loving: Stadler Form Selina Hygrometer

I have been looking forward to this neat product for some time now & was thrilled when this Stadler Form Selina Hygrometer arrived at my place.

During winter especially, it is so important to ensure that your home is maintained at the right temperature. You owe it to yourself to ensure that you are living in a healthy home and a warm environment this winter. It makes me sick in the stomach when I saw the news on TV not too long ago when a family blamed the government/electricity company for their husband/father’s death as a result of a ‘cold and damp’ home. Really? Excuses are for the weak minded. It’s time some people stop blaming others and start taking action.


My Selina measures the internal climate of my home so I know when it has reached its healthiest temperature and humidity. Since I received the Selina, we have been obsessively turning the dehumidifier on to ensure that the humidity levels are within the recommended range of 40% – 60% and 19 – 24 degrees celsius. This is worth knowing because New Zealand has such high rates of asthma which can be exacerbated by excess humidity. Furthermore, when I was in University studying Law and Public Health, I learned that in lower socio-economic status areas, many of the homes were so humid which is one of the factors that could lead to people contracting meningitis.

We have used the Selina in our rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living room and so forth. I highly recommend that we all have a Selina in our lives and in our home. Stadler Form of Switzerland creates premium home appliances with exceptional performance and outstanding design which will add visual appeal to any household space. I love that it is sleek and chic.

Here is my Selina


Selina is the winner of a Red Dot Design Award and is available in White, Metal, Black and Berry at leading retailers Noel Leeming & Mitre 10 here in New Zealand RRP $49.99.