An Intimate Lunch

An Intimate Lunch

Last week, I attended an intimate lunch hosted by Kmart at Mr. Toms Eatery in Ponsonby. The private area was decorated in a variety of pieces from the current homeware collection from Kmart. It looked picture-perfect. There was a plethora of food and the mocktails were on point. My favorite drink was the gorgeous Japanese Garden.

The Collection 

It’s all about marble and pastel highlights spliced with tactile textures of wood and concrete accents. Natasha Smith, one of the core members of the Kmart Living buying team explained that the inspiration for this collection was to create a clean, uncluttered Scandinavian feel which provides a fresh and seasonal update for homes. The current collection is an elegant palette of pale pastels and soft sorbets providing a stylish and sophisticated statement. Key items include the hexagon chopping boards and assorted canisters, expertly drawing marble, pastel and natural wood elements together for an instant living update.

Without a doubt, marble is on trend as I have been collecting everything marble related products. And, of course, it never gets dated to create a living space that is simple, clean, minimalistic and chic.

What can we expect next?

Natasha doesn’t want to give too much away at this stage, however she has hinted that next up, they will be building on the foundation to continue the story. So, we can expect marble moving to darker shades and pops of colour creating bold vignettes and talking points.

Where does the inspiration derive from?

It was explained that the inspiration is from looking at international influences but also local design authorities and New Zealand is no exception. Customers are pivotal to their success and Natasha noted this well; “At Kmart, we spend a lot of time looking at our customers, and we like to think this means we understand what they like and how they live.”

I am looking forward to checking out the collection on my next trip to Kmart. I always leave feeling inspired when I visit the stores.