I recently came across a luxurious lifestyle brand MARACA while I was doing some research and brainstorming some ideas for my website. What’s more exciting is that this particular lifestyle brand is New Zealand’s very own!! The founder of MARACA -Chris Lim described that the culmination of a life long dream to create a truly beautiful-yet accessible lifestyle brand resulted in the birth of MARACA in 2012.  MARACA is about luxury, quality and style, with a firm emphasis on harnessing nature’s most effective ingredients. Chris kindly sent me some beautiful products from the Bloom range and I must say it truly smells luxurious and amazing. You definitely feel like a million dollars after using it. The candle is also one of the best candles I have lit, even my boyfriend agrees!

I interviewed Chris Lim, founder of MARACA about his beautiful collection:

(1) How did you get into this business? How did it all start?

Chris: I must say I fell in love with the mysterious powers of fragrance and indulgence at an early age. My aunt used to work in the beauty industry and she had a collection of miniature perfumes. Every time when she was not around, I always spent hours sniffing the perfume, and from there my obsession and passion about fragrance grew stronger each day, which led me finding my first career working at the fragrance department of a luxury store in Malaysia when I was 17.

Since then, I had the privilege to work with different international brands such as Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani, DKNY, Estée Lauder and so forth until I moved to Melbourne to study Marketing and Management at Victoria University. After graduation, I moved over to Auckland for good and in 2012, I decided to follow my lifelong dream and established my own accessible lifestyle brand MARACA as I noticed that there was a gap in the luxury lifestyle market in New Zealand.

All in all, most local beauty brands are very earthy, simple and very similar. Hence, I wanted to take it in a different direction promoting the accessible luxury New Zealand made products. Within 2 years, the journey has picked up its pace and the brand is now being sold internationally and the new range is in constant development.

(2) What was your inspiration behind your brand?

Chris: I wanted the brand to be easily pronounced and wanted it to sound Spanish or Latin, hence the name MARACA (Miracle) is born. I have always been inspired by ‘culture and fashion’ rather than just focusing merely on the latest trends in beauty & body care. The brand is also proudly unisex; freshly designed, chic, sophisticated packaging with scents that will appeal to men and women whether they are in bodycare or home fragrance form.

(3) What would be your target audience & how does MARACA differ from other brands?

Chris: My target audience is mainly between 25 to 60 years old who appreciates luxury, premium quality products. The concept of the brand is about accessible luxury using premium, quality natural ingredients. Therefore, the price point is not more than $50 which means everyone can enjoy the premium MARACA products. Each fragrance has its own story and inspiration behind them, they are formulated in France and manufactured in New Zealand.

We only use finest natural ingredients in our bodycare range without any parabens, SLS, petrochemicals and we don’t test on animals. The candles are individually hand-poured in New Zealand using natural plant waxes for better fragrance throw and a truly decadent feel. The key ingredients in our bodycare products are rose hip seed oil, jojoba seed oil, shea butter, botanical extracts and Vitamin E which delivers intense hydration leaving the skin silky soft and smooth to the touch.

(4) What is the ‘BLOOM’ range all about?

Chris: It is the essence of spring bloom captured in Aoraki; a luxurious blend of spring flowers combined with sweet aromatic notes of crispy pears wrapped in a bouquet of lily of the valley and unfolds the fruity-floral character of the fragrance. It is about an only girl running in the springfield full of flowers in Aoraki, Mount Cook.

(7) Which celebrities would you love to see use MARACA?

Chris: Our products have already been used and reviewed by a few beauty editors, bloggers and celebrities, namely my lovely cousin Master Chef New Zealand Nadia Lim. The next celebrities that I would love using the MARACA products are Colin Mathura-Jeffree, Carol Hirschfield, Lorraine Downes, Hilary Barry and any international stars if there is an opportunity in the future.

(8) What’s next for your brand? What do your see yourself doing next?

Chris: The next step is to launch a new fragrance collection and products to expand the range; which smells exotic and unique representing New Zealand, something that the customers have never experienced before with other brands. If there is a chance, I would love to collaborate with some New Zealand celebrities or designers to create their signature scents and open my own fragrance boutique in Ponsonby.


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