Marlborough New Zealand

Marlborough New Zealand

Firstly, this is not a sponsored post in any way, shape or form. This trip was planned by me and I paid for the flights and the hotels. I went on this trip to clear my thoughts and start afresh because I needed it. Recently, you may have seen certain changes I have made to my blog and I’m quite excited because I have embarked on a new and premium direction with my blog. I’m really happy with how it’s taken off in the two years that I’ve started blogging and grateful for the amazing brands I get to collaborate with. Humble and grateful. You don’t need an agent, each and every single brand that I’ve worked with and working with currently is a direct result of my own efforts and of course special thanks to my boyfriend who looked after one of the top NZ websites during his University years.  He was the one who introduced me to this digital world. So here I am.

On the flip side, I am also working on my Employment Law Consultancy business and I am focusing on taking that business to another whole new level. Not your average law firm, but one with a modern touch to it. Because old gets boring. I want a business with a difference. Sometimes, it gets a bit much for me. I’m only human after all. I have so many goals I want to achieve and thinking about the future a bit too much can be overwhelming sometimes. So, I thought, okay let’s pause. Let’s start afresh, and I booked a private jet to Marlborough in the South Island where I’m promised there would be a lot of sunshine. I was not disappointed. The amazing thing about flying private is that you can skip the usually long queues at security checks so it’s super convenient. Upon arriving in picturesque Blenheim, we hired a rental car and drove around the beautiful vineyards and couldn’t believe how friendly and polite the people here in Blenheim are! They are actually happy to give you the time of day and they are super proud of their little town.

A trip to Marlborough isn’t complete without visiting the world famous vineyards. We were given a private tour and also kindly hosted for lunch by the beautiful girls Kylie and Victoria from Allan Scott Family Winemakers. If you are ever in Blenheim, you must check out the Allan Scott Family Winemakers Vineyard for wine tasting as well as for a delightful lunch at their very own restaurant; pictures to follow!  I learned so much about the complexities of making wine and am truly grateful that Kylie and Victoria took some time out from their busy schedules to host us. The amazing options at the restaurant is a definite highlight for us. The seafood chowder is truly divine, a must try especially on a cold Autumn/Winter day! The food quality is top notch and if you know me, you would know that I am a harsh food critic.

Now, that private vineyard tour experience was hard to beat! The next day, we ventured out to Kaikoura. And on our way, we stumbled upon Nins Bin where they served fresh crayfish; we chose garlic butter for a little indulgence. The prices started from about $75 and upwards per crayfish, however we decided to indulge in some local culinary. We loved it. Anything to skip in Kaikoura? Avoid whale watching, it was a complete waste of time and not to mention, I was terribly seasick! We literally only saw the tip of the whale and nothing more, and after the short sighting, we were aimlessly cruising around on the boat. As you can tell, I did not quite enjoy that since we paid around $150 per person just to see pretty much nothing…

The following day, we visited Picton which is a picturesque yet very little town. After walking around to explore the marina area, we then decided to venture out to Havelock to discover the infamous Mussel Pot. Everyone we spoke to about this trip said we had to try it. Despite the windy roads, it was worth it as the scenery along the way was heavenly. We had to stop for photos, just take a moment to admire this view, photos don’t even do it justice!

Our final stop was Nelson which was our least favorite. Although on hindsight, perhaps we needed more time to discover Nelson better. We instead ventured out of Nelson town to Abel Tasman Park which was one hell of a dangerous drive and pointless unless you are there to do some serious hiking! Personally for me, accomodation is very important so in my next post, I will be featuring the lovely places we stayed at during our Marlborough trip. As always, my blog will only focus on luxury accomodations. I’m excited for my next holiday which is coming up soon, so stay tuned as to where I’m headed next! Hope you all are having a good week and I will try to blog more frequently xx