The Movie Edit

The Movie Edit
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Written by: Linn Win

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is a movie that if you didn’t entirely know who it was filmed by, I’m sure by the end you would at least have some suspicion that it could be by Michael Bay. The over-the-top explosions, next level CGI animations and ‘you versus me’ plot were native to this film as is commonly seen with other Michael Bay productions. A major drawback to this movie in my opinion is that it totally lacks substance plain and simple. The plot is so half hearted it might as well not even be there to begin with. It doesn’t have that type of ‘hang on to your seat’ anticipation as you’re taken throughout the movie. It’s one of those occasions where the director (once again) thought that the relentless amount of action and ‘go go go’ could somehow compensate for a lack of feeling. I felt overall as if the film was neither entertaining enough to recommend to the next person nor was it absolutely awful I would steer people away from it. However, I truly think that the movie didn’t do the franchise any justice. For the children, it could be joyous entertainment to see these larger than life amphibians exercising vigilante justice – but for the adults – we could better spend our time at other latest releases like Captain America: Civil War, or, X Men: Apocalypse. From here, it would be really difficult to imagine how there could be any type of sequel to the film. Unless it’s the release of a new Transformers movie, I would think twice about going to a sequel of the Turtles.


Alice through the Looking Glass

Written by Jenny Jiang

The first of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland was a smash hit which grossed over $1bn worldwide, so it was no surprise when a sequel was to be produced. However this time around, Alice through the Looking Glass, directed by James Bobin, is just weaker than its predecessor. Sure, the effects, costumes and set design was no doubt alluring and highly impressive, but overall it seems as if there was just no substance to the film, with no thrill of a climax or excitement of a resolution. Alice returns back to Underland, with a new and even more severe issue at hand: the life-threatening danger of her dear friend and widely beloved character, the Mad Hatter. The Hatter has become deeply depressed due to his unexpected discovery that his family could potentially be alive. With no one to believe him, he falls into such an illness that his life is at stake. Alice, determined to rescue the hatter, goes back in time to find out what really happened to him and his family. The result may be unexpected, and offers a parallel subplot about the past lives of Anne Hathaway’s loving White Queen, and her villainous sister, the Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter.) With this insight in mind, we are given a particular sympathy for this horrifying queen, and no doubt was it amusing to see the events leading to her reality.

Bobin also presents captivating interpretations of the relationship between time and death, with beautiful 3D digital effects that were also ever present in the preceding film. However, it seems as if the aesthetics is where it all ends. Overall, the plot is too messy, as Alice jumps spontaneously from one place to another, leaving the audience barely enough time to think. There are also parts of the plot that can certainly be questionable. A single phrase said by the White Queen suddenly ‘turns’ her sister- who is absolutely merciless- into a forgiving, loving, and long-lost sibling. Frankly, it just simply seems unconvincing. Although the story was busy, the morals never failed to shine through. In the end, the Hatter reminds Alice, and the audience, about the true importance of family. It is in this heartfelt moment that one can choose to view a bigger picture and wonder maybe that’s what films, or any other creative medium is really all about: to give us a message and remind us of what is truly important in life.

Captain America 

Written by: Htut Win

One of America’s Founding Fathers John Dickinson famously coined the phrase ‘Then join hand in hand, brave Americans all! By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall!’ This founds the very theme of Captain America Civil War. In this installment, we find Captain Rogers (Captain America/Cap/Rogers) and Tony Stark (aka Iron Man/Stark) taking opposing views on what was the right way to answer for their part in the destruction of communities; who came as collateral to whom they tried to protect. The damage and fatalities had mounted up in previous installments and signing away their right to act covertly without jurisdiction cuts The Avengers team down the middle. On one hand Stark is adamant that they needed to sign the agreement proposed to them by the Intelligence agency and United Nations the world over. Captain America on the other believes that they’d be signing their willful right away to bureaucrats with their own agendas. It doesn’t come as a surprise when Cap goes against the grain with the help of his closest and loyal superheroes whilst those loyal to Stark, defend him and his stand. So came the story and action! Concurrently with what was happening above, Bucky (aka The Winter Soldier) is framed as the assailant creating havoc by a civilian who had lost loved ones after being caught in the middle of fire between the Avengers. Filled with a vile plan to create division within, he finds a way to reveal to Stark that his parents were murdered in cold blood by the Winter Soldier when he was controlled by Hydra. Two massive fights of gigantic proportions breakout which I have to say has been the best action I’ve seen since Batman vs Superman. The Avengers go at it and no stone in action was left unturned. We saw laser beams, Antman become Giant, the swiftness of The Winter Soldier and even your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman spinning a web here and there. Towards the end of the movie, Stark is supposedly betrayed by Rogers when he chooses his childhood friend The Winter Soldier to protect. No doubt Stark wants the guy’s head but come on, are you going to go through your own friend Rogers to get it? No! We may have to wait for the next installment to see if there is peace amongst The Avengers but this film demonstrated divisions at best with how the evil civilian played his cards by revealing the mode of death of Stark’s parents. Every movie though has silver lining and Cap’s peace making card to Stark at the end does give us fans all hope we’ll see the team reunited! An 8/10 for me.



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Featured image is by Carin Olsson