Movie Review: Cinderella

Movie Review: Cinderella

I missed the premiere of Cinderella as I was on a business trip however I was lucky enough to be invited to Disney’s special advanced screening. Lily James played the role of Cinderella really well. Beyond beautiful and she brought the Cinderella character alive, the Cinderella I had imagined when I was a little girl. The role of Lady Tremaine was played by Cate Blanchett, her outfits in the movie were to die for. She played the villain so very well, I almost hated her! Strong words I know, for an actress who I admire! The fairy tale opens while Ella is still a girl, she was the centre of her parents’ world. Her perfect world begins to crumble when her mother passes away, her father who is a merchant remarries, however, he too passes away on his business trip. Her parents may no longer be alive, however her mother’s words and her parents’ unconditional love for her forever lingers and echoes on.  Cinderella is a very secure young woman who lives her life in happiness and quiet confidence, despite her not so favourable living arrangements and circumstances. The theme throughout the movie is to be courageous and to be kind.

Contrary to modern day familial arrangements, Cinderella was not treated well by her stepmother or her ugly stepsisters Anastasia and Drizella. They treated her as though she was a maid who had to look after all their needs. What I love about this story is that, Cinderella lives her life positively, no matter the terrible circumstances she had to endure along the way. One slight difference is that Cinderella meets Mr. Kit (the prince) before the story’s famous ball which motivated the prince to expand the roster of invited guests beyond royalty to include all young ladies which meant commoners are also invited. This is also perhaps a nod to the modern day royal romance between Prince William and the former Kate Middleton (once a commoner, now Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge). Not surprisingly, her step-mother would not allow her to attend the ball, however with the help of a lovely fairy godmother although the magic would last until midnight only, Cinderella made her way to the ball in a golden carriage looking like a million dollars.  Unlike her stepsisters, she was not there scheming to land the hand of a prince, she did not even know he was a prince until she arrived at the ball. Cinderella was there to meet the man she met in the woods who had told her he was an ‘apprentice’ at the palace.




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 It’s a happily after story when the prince and his entourage searched for her; near and far, and  heard her beautiful singing voice up in the attic where her stepmother had locked her up to ensure that she would not be found. I like that this movie is a classic interpreted for modern times, however the core of it remains. The movie pretty much parallels to the original story that we all know and love. I would recommend this movie to those wanting to see a beautiful movie for a date night or one for the girls night.