Movie Review: Dior & I

Movie Review: Dior & I

Reviewed by Sin-Mae Chung for Pink&Sparkles


Dior and I is a film that captivates, inspires and is sprinkled with suspense. Follow Raf Simons as he is introduced to the House of Dior as their new Creative Director. Watch as Raf meets his senior design team and together generate his first collection in 8 weeks. Feel for him as you come to understand his responsibilities and the expectations he faces. Be inspired as he shows determination and puncture their doubts and problems, rejoice as they overcome their challenges and cry when it is all over.


This observational documentary of what would be one man’s adventure with position and power becomes a film that unveils partnership, support, creativity and emotions. Being a non-materialistic girl, I failed to understand luxury labels. I saw Dior as just another logo filled with desirable objects and despite their celebrity endorsements and high praise I couldn’t associate a ‘human’ connection to it.


This film is an eye opener into the inner workings of the House of Dior, real people with decades of experience calling themselves a family. They are the people that endure the stress, anxiety and responsibilities that comes with their role. They are the people that create Dior and they are the people who are Dior. Being a Fine Art major, I enjoyed and appreciated the visual art references and the deep relationship art has with fashion.



Layered in the film was history and there was an amazing sense of love, passion and romance in their language. I stressed when they stressed, I cried when they cried, I never thought a documentary on fashion would have me holding my breath during parts of the movie. Overall, I deeply enjoyed the film. I was told I can give this film a rating and my response is that I cannot find a single fault in this film! It is inspiring, informative and breathtaking, I truly recommend you go watch it.