The Movie Edit

The Movie Edit
The two movies below were reviewed by Htut Win for Pink&Sparkles. Htut has recently joined our team as the Movies Editor.

Batman vs. Superman 

Prior to watching this film, there had been many negative reviews with Batman vs Superman that most people I knew already had a preconception that it was going to be ‘long and boring’. My experience of the film was quite the contrary. Packed with lots of action from laser beam eyes to a futuristically armoured bat suit, the film had a poised balance between action and fascinating on set toys like the nearly indestructible bat mobile; every little boy’s dream! The film portrayed a very real struggle in Gotham City with the presence of Superman, who possesses God-like attributes that distinguishes him from the crowd. Centered around the society’s willingness to accept him or lack of were key focal points of the film. The movie does invoke thoughts about where good virtues reside in a person; and if they do, for how long? The length of the film was just right for me. This movie had to build a converging narrative between two titans of power to forge a cohesive and interesting storyline. I felt the length of the movie helped do this. We learned early on that Batman is scarred by the loss of his parents in a fatal robbery that left him orphaned and Superman shares a similar path, being an orphaned child of Krypton on Earth, trying to find purpose with his powers. The weakest part of the film where it lacked substance was where Batman and Superman found middle ground in their battle against one another. A large part of the movie built up to their battle but can a truce really be called in an epic fight on the premise that both superheroes’ mothers shared the same name? From here on, the movie takes a turn to fighting a mutated Kryptonian beast which we all knew how it was going to end. Gotham City is saved but Superman dies… Or does he?  Overall, a 3/5 for me. This movie does deserve credit where it’s due. A better climax could’ve been developed but oh well, perhaps the subsequent movies should make up for this if a sequel is produced.

The Huntsman 

A fairy tale world with two evil queens, dwarfs with humor and an evil reflective mirror make for an entertaining movie to watch! The Huntsman portrays a story of The Evil Queen (played by Charlize Theron) who wants to expand her empire and run her dominion over the fairy tale world. When she learns about her sister carrying a daughter prophesied by the mirror on the wall to be more beautiful than her, she plots an treacherous plan to kill the child using the child’s father. To the viewer’s dismay, she was successful…The consequence sparks a dark course for her sister who unconsciously awakens her frozen mythical powers. She soon asserts herself as the Ice Queen (played by Emily Blunt). Heart broken from the supposed betrayal of her lover and loss of her child, the Ice Queen lays waste to many lands and cements her power and reign at the cost of ‘freezing her emotions cold’; all this time wholeheartedly believing that love was a lie and betrayal was inevitable. Little did she know that her sister had committed the cruel act and had manipulated her. To gain territory, the Ice Queen raises children orphaned from her conquests and raises them as her own, indoctrinating strength and viciousness over love. These children grow into her Huntsmen acquiring lands and slaying kings at her very order. Two Huntsmen played by Chris Hemsworth and Jessica Chastain grew up as children under the Ice Queen’s rule. They fell in love as they grew into adults but their union at a time was not to be. Barred from love and distanced for 7 years, they meet again in a conquest for the lost mirror on the wall which was obtained by Snow White (who was only briefly introduced in the film). Their quest was simple, take the mirror to the sanctuary (a mythical place which was never reached) where its powers could harbor no evil. Manipulation runs deep even amongst the Huntsmen as Jessica Chastain’s character ‘The Warrior’ had been playing ally to the Ice Queen. They acquired the mirror from the hideous goblin forest which in no time at all was obtained by Ice Queen with the help of the Huntsmen. To cut the story short, the Evil Queen reappears after being awakened by the Ice Queen from the mirror, the Ice Queen learns of her sister’s treachery, they fought to the death and the love of the Hunstmen prevailed; proving the timeless belief which resides in all humans that ‘love conquers all.’ What I revered most about this film was the enjoyment I had as a viewer listening to the conversations. The bitchiness of the dwarfs and the Huntsmen was timeless. It was truly the most memorable element I took away from the film. The humour was even more amplified by the singing Scottish accents, which I must admit Chris Hemsworth pulled off well for an Australian (no disrespect to the Aussies)! The dark theme of manipulation is the very blood of this movie; giving it evil and creepy undertones. The movie had great use of cinematic and many a times, it felt as though the viewer was actually in the film in the frozen world. Cold, lonely and desolate; you could feel them all. In Scottish speak, “It was more than allrrrrriiggghht!” A 3/5 for me.
Allegiant (This segment was written by Erika)

Though Chicago has been freed from the tyranny of Jeanine’s rule (Played by Kate Winslet), however, all is not well. Our main character Tris, portrayed by Shailene Woodley, desperately wants to follow the message which played after the box was opened- as shown on Insurgent, and now wants to go outside the wall. But it wont be easy for her and her team, although they’ll find a way,even though Evelyn (Naomi Watts) has decided that no one gets to go outside the wall. And when they made it outside the wall, matters beyond the wall won’t be quite what she expects. Tris Prior was yet again being paraded around as “special”. This time, according to David (Jeff Daniels), the head of the Bureau of Genetic Warfare, she wasn’t just divergent, but “pure”. As a result of her genetic purity, as well as the favoritism she received from David, caused a rift between her and Four/Tobias Eaton (Theo James) as their relationship hit a snag. The conflict stemmed from Tris’ trust in David, while Tobias was increasingly distrustful of not only David but also the Bureau of Genetic Warfare as a whole. There was, I must admit, a powerful moment when Tobias urged Tris not to follow David, and Tris looked him in the eye and refused, defiantly going along with David. It revealed Tris’ independence and willpower and despite the fact that she ended up being wrong, we couldn’t help but admire her strong will. The director, Robert Schwentke, has listened to the criticism about Insurgent to some extent. He ameliorates upon the previous installment and the end result is a surprisingly entertaining film. The visual effects department truly outdid themselves on this one through awesome little touches that took some of the effects to a new level. The visual effects and action sequences are well realized and some are quite innovative and refreshing. However, plot-wise there is not much development but it is still an improvement over Insurgent. In terms of characters arc, we have more or less the same people in the beginning and in the end. Tris is still the only person who can save the world through her heroic acts and Four is still the person she’s romantically involved with. Although in saying that, both Woodley and James did a commendable job portraying their respective characters. Allegiant leaves the viewer satisfied but also despondent to an extent. Having seriously diverged from the source material, the film leaves you wondering what will happen in the next one considering there is nothing much left from the book for Ascendant.

Hope you enjoyed our first Movie Edit. From time to time, I will be compiling the films we’d love to feature. Stay tuned for the next xx