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My Signature Fragrances

Although there is a lot of work that goes in preparing for these posts, I am truly grateful for the opportunities that have come my way as a result of my online magazine and supporting social media such as Instagram which has played a significant role in building up my base. I remember starting Pink&Sparkles as a creative outlet for myself and a breathing ground from my legal career. Since two years ago when I first started this space, I have realised that online media / ‘blogging world’ has become immensely saturated (who doesn’t have an online magazine or a blog these days?!) so, frequently I bounce ideas with my boyfriend to make Pink&Sparkles somewhat different and distinctive. Tonight, I headed along to a beauty event and felt great yet humbled to learn that the brand specifically picked me to be there as I stood out from the online media here in New Zealand. I was in fact the only online media there. This leads on to the purpose of my current post which is all about that signature scent, about that distinctive fragrance which represents you, as a person. These are the fragrances I handpicked that essentially is a somewhat accurate reflection of myself; as a daughter, sister, girlfriend, lawyer, editor and everything that makes me: Chanel Henry-Win.

 Each and every fragrance tells a story and a signature fragrance is one of those  personal things in life that only you would fully understand why you love it. One of the fragrances that I would purchase time and time again is the Envy Me by Gucci because it was a time in my life where I was making a difficult decision of which career path to choose; was it going to be medicine or law? I remember that time period in my life like it was yesterday. Since then, I have collected some more new fragrances which are equally as memorable. A scent is one step in a woman’s journey from fresh skin to completed look.





Six Foot Tall & Bullet Proof

A fragrance is a part of everyone’s routine.  It is alluring, defining and awakening. It can raise your confidence to six foot tall and bulletproof. And it can become your distinguishable characteristic. Scents trigger your memories and you are taken back to a time when that moment mattered. There are scents that still remind me of past memories that trigger happy and sad moments and there are other scents that remind me of my own childhood and my first scents that I ever collected; one of them being J’adore by Christian Dior. Fragrance is such an emotive and powerful product, and we all have our signature scents.





YSL Black Opium Nuit Blanche


She’s confident in her own skin, not afraid to be diverse and knows exactly who she wants to be. She’s feminine and stylish, knows how to be sexy in the most subtle way, yet maintains an air of mystery. She wears Black Opium with her best clothing, her favourite handbag, her newest makeup and before she leaves for her evening, she takes her bottle with her, for any bathroom touch ups.  The Black Opium Nuit Blanche girl needs nothing but her favourite scent to feel like the most confident and beautiful woman in the room. She is there to make a statement and the perfume allows her to promote her personality. It is about living life to the full day & night.

A new addition to the iconic Black Opium range, this is the new white coffee floral from Black Opium. Which girl doesn’t own at least one Black Opium fragrance? Dazzling. Pure. Transparent. Sparkling. Incandescent. The unique association of black coffee and white notes of blooming flowers, aldehydes and musks. It was launched in New Zealand from 18 April 2016 and retails at $115 for a 30ml, $165 for a 50ml and $235 for a 90ml. The Black Opium Nuit Blanche girl is there to make a statement and the perfume allows her to promote her personality.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb La Vie En Rose


 This is my second Flowerbomb addition to my fragrance collection. A girl who knows her fragrance knows when another is wearing Flowerbomb. This summer, “La Vie En Rose” enjoys the sun on an enchanted water lily. La Vie En Rose celebrates joy, imagination and poetry. It’s an invitation to daydream, a poetic expression of summertime’s sweet life. The La Vie En Rose reminds me everyday to challenge myself, to be more creative, to dream more and to strive to achieve my goals more. La Vie En Rose serves as that perfect reminder.  Elegant and feminine, the fresh and sparkling scent of Viktor & Rolf comes in a sleek pink bottle coated with a shimmering, opalescent finish inspired by the delicate petals of a water lily. Fresh. Tangy. Zestful.  It’s in the midst of Winter here in New Zealand but the La Vie En Rose prepares me for the summer and it’s available at counters from 20th June. It is the perfect fragrance for the woman who seems delicate yet beautifully strong from the inside out.

Lancôme La vie Est belle Florale


 When I am meeting up with my girlfriends, I tend to select this new fragrance from Lancôme. A new interpretation of the Eau de Toilette. What distinguishes it from its predecessor is that it is a new flower in the bouquet of fine delicacies; the Osmanthus, the delicate flowers of wisdom associated to the Mimosa, the Freesia and the iconic Iris. The iconic ribbon is adorned with a delicate white flower that pays tribute to the bouquet of fines delicacies. A very delightful and delicate fragrance filled with love, joy and happiness. This gorgeous fragrance was launched on 18th April 2016 in New Zealand and retails from $128 for a 50ml and $175 for a 100ml.

Giorgio Armani Si Absolu de Rose

I have featured the original Si in my previous post as I received it as a birthday gift from one of my brothers. In fact, I have the whole Si collection now. It’s one of those classics that you will never be tired of wearing.  With this new addition, it is a floral re-interpretation of the classic Giorgio Armani Si and a tribute to delicate feminity. Inspired by an Armani Privé collection with designs and forms full of softness, sensitivity and delicacy. The notes are freesia and blackcurrant essence at the top, absolute musk and vanilla essence at the base. It was launched in New Zealand from 18 April 2016 and retails at $195 for 100ml. It is my firm favourite to wear to important business meetings because it exudes a feminine feel yet one of strength, character and confidence and I love it. The whole Si collection is the modern woman personified.

How do you wear yours? What’s your personal signature?