Technology Edit: My Apple Watch

Technology Edit: My Apple Watch

I’ve had the Apple Watch since around August this year, as for some time I had been pondering about whether I should purchase it. My boyfriend is a bit of a technology lover, and so am I. So between us, we have indulged in some technology products and in this instance, he was the first to buy a wearable technology. Initially, I did not warm up to wearing a ‘sports’ type watch as I always thought…that’s where my iPhone comes in if I needed info on how many steps I have taken throughout the day and so forth. However, those thoughts have altered since and I am enjoying hanging ten with wearable tech’s new frontier. I want to share with you all some of my highlights with fashion’s IT item…after all Anna Wintour (Vogue Editor-in-Chief) was one of the first to sport the Apple watch. If Anna attends your fashion shows, you’ve made it and if Anna dons the gorgeous watch, then you know it’s worth it! I won’t go into the tech specifications because that’s google searchable!

(1) It has made me more popular. People constantly questioning me ‘wow, is that the Apple watch?’ in social situations, and this usually involves people nearby staring and joining in the conversation with much interest. I don’t always welcome such attention but it’s good when an icebreaker situation is much needed!

(2) The activity tracker is by the most addictive feature of the watch, which essentially motivates me to squash various pre-set goals throughout the day. I used to own a Fitbit and I have sold it since as it just wasn’t as good or as accurate as an Apple watch! Now… I have just been reminded by my Apple Watch that it’s time to stand! I find this helpful especially when I’ve been so focused with what’s on my laptop. I can track my movement and also track my calories; I truly love that!

(3) I love that when I’m driving, important messages and emails appear on my screen. It feels pretty futuristic (something out of those movies) and of course it’s convenient and not to mention; safer! You can make calls from your watch as well as utilise Siri to send and reply to messages. It’s quick and it’s efficient, one of my favorite things I love about my Apple Watch! However, when it comes to utilising the Apps such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, I would still prefer to access them from my iPhone or my iPad.

(4) I love that you can customise your Apple Watch display. Most of the time, my Apple Watch display is Mickey Mouse. I’m not ashamed to admit that Mickey would be a good enough reason to buy the Apple Watch, and to relive my childhood once more. Or if you are one of those girls, you can also of course set your Apple Watch to display your favorite photo. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, of course!

(5) Customisability is vital and the Apple Watch (unlike other watches of a similar kind) is easily able to be customised with your other fashion accessories or if your budget allows, you can indulge in a Hermes x Apple watch. The Apple Watch is definitely the one and only tech watch for the fashion crowd. Vogue Magazine approves it:

(6) I also love that you can send sketches and heartbeats to your friends’ watches. I think it’s especially sweet to send heartbeats to your partner, especially if you are away on a business trip or simply visiting another city or country. That to me, adds a personal touch and a watch is an extension of how you express yourself.

(7) During the weekend, I visited the stores to view the so-called competitors’ watches. They are nowhere near as impressive as the Apple Watch collection. Not only is the Apple Watch a motivator for me to be more active and lead a healthier lifestyle, the watch is classic and also elegant. The many functions are useful in our daily life. The combined technology, style and functionality and the fact that it’s very modern is a perfect accessory for the modern-day woman which is what the Pink&Sparkles woman is all about. Perhaps, if you do not have an Apple Watch yet, this can be a Christmas Gift to yourself. Because you’re worth it.