My thoughts on the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera

My thoughts on the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera

This review is by no means a paid review. The pretty camera was borrowed to me by Lily & Louis PR. I assure that I will always do an honest review of each and every product I am gifted or borrowed.  These super cute Instax cameras are available in various colors from pastel hues of baby pink, mellow yellow and baby blue to various classic shades of black and white.

At first blush, I fell in love with the pink polaroid camera. If you know me well, you will not be surprised by this, as pink is my favourite colour & yes, I would buy things just because they’re pink!! It was cute although a little bulky in size. One tip I would give is to get a bag for your camera especially if you intend to buy one of the pastel colors, as I noticed that you could get marks/dirt on it easily. There are specific bags made for these Fujifilm cameras on wholesale websites that are reasonably priced and that would keep your camera in pristine condition!

 I found it exciting that the polaroid prints are instantly printed a few seconds after the shots were taken!! The only slightly tricky thing I found was adjusting the correct flash to the environment/surrounding as sometimes it would come out a little too bright, and sometimes it would come out dark. I guess it takes some getting used to the camera. I was a bit confused at first but with a few tries, the experience was getting better.

 Apart from that, it is pretty user friendly and self-explanatory. In my opinion, I think it is really helpful to capture those really special and fun moments with friends and family. After all, these days, we often have our photos in digital form and not so much in print anymore! So, it is good to have some beautiful prints to look at and reminisce the special times! In addition, it might also be helpful as a travel accessory, especially when you are in a third world country where some adults and kids may not have the means to buy a camera and have the luxury of developing prints, you could make their day by showing them this beautiful creation & giving them some instant prints!

However, I think the downside is, if you are someone like me who takes a lot of  photos, the polaroid prints don’t come cheap, there are several film packs you can buy, the cheapest pack of 10 films for around $10. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the product and my boyfriend kindly bought a brand new, pink Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 for me for Christmas. On top of that, we showed my boyfriend’s friend and his wife how the camera worked and they loved it so much that his friend also bought the same camera for her. We are lucky girls! I have always been intrigued by Polaroid cameras ever since I discovered it at Disneyland California as a little girl in awe of my cute little print with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Now, I have my very own Polaroid camera with lots of fun special moments to make and share!! Dream come true & a wish ticked off the wishlist!

My very own Instax Mini 8










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