New Flavors: Deep Spring Naturals

New Flavors: Deep Spring Naturals

Did you devour that whole block of chocolate last weekend? Or maybe you had carbs when it wasn’t your cheat day? Take a quick look in the mirror and confess one little thing that you’d like to get off your chest, then reward yourself with Deep Spring Naturals…naturally good, so you don’t have to be.

Deep Spring Naturals is just the ticket to balance it back out. With about the same calories as an average sized apple (at most 75 calories) per drink, the new range of Deep Spring Naturals is so ‘naturally good’.

An old Kiwi favourite, Deep Spring is known and loved for its sparkling fruit drinks, and now there are three new all-natural lightly sparkling fruit juice flavoured waters available. The combination of the lighter calorie count, all natural ingredients and delicious flavours of Apple & Feijoa, Blackcurrant or Pear & Passionfruit, will see Deep Spring Naturals fast become your new favourite!



My thoughts:

It is of course, best served chilled. I love my drinks with ice, so I would definitely recommend that. Drinking it ice cold really brings out the flavours, making them light & crisp which I love. They would make great additions to your summer barbecues and parties.

Now available in all good outlets.