NEW Karl Lagerfeld fragrance launch

NEW Karl Lagerfeld fragrance launch



 On March 12, I was among the lucky guests invited to the launch of Karl Lagerfeld perfume launch here in New Zealand. I have always admired Karl Lagerfeld for his uniqueness, creativity, and outlook on life and business, especially after watching a documentary about him called Lagerfeld Confidential. If you haven’t watched it & you are a fan of him, I definitely recommend watching it!

We were told that the brand Karl Lagerfeld has a huge following in Asia and now in New Zealand, we can finally have a piece of Karl’s creativity through his perfume. Behind everything Karl does, there is always a sound reason, often philosophical & as always painting an imagery, as he explains: “I love perfume. I have worked with fragrances in the past and I’m thrilled to be launching new ones again today.  I love women’s fragrances and I love men’s fragrances. They make life more  beautiful. Perfume is like fashion in the nose’.

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Karl Lagerfeld will begin a new page in fragrance history, infusing it with the subtle-yet modern style that defines his fashion, design, photography, imagery and digital innovation. Building on these foundations, Karl is launching a pair of fragrances, one for women and one for men that serve to reaffirm his commitment to making style accessible to everyone.

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The Karl Lagerfeld eau de parfum for women and eau de toilette for men are distinguished by the wake they leave behind, by their bottles and by the images that embody them. Karl’s signature can be seen in his insistence on using only high-quality raw materials, his use of black and white, the elegance of his design, the modernity of the material used in the design, the aesthetic of the bottle’s body, and the fragrances’ attractiveness to men and women alike.


His two new fragrances echo his edgy style while conveying sophisticated elegance and classicism with a bold, modern twist. In keeping with this style, perfumers Christine Nagel and Serge Majoulier have created an elegant green floral for Karl’s eau de parfum for women. The fragrance thrives on contrasts, opening with a burst of fresh lemon, enhanced by a velvety peach before flourishing into a full bouquet of roses, immaculate magnolias and plumeria. The fragrance takes a contemporary approach to traditional perfumes – another signature in Karl’s fashions with the addition of musks and powerful dark, ambery woody notes in the base.


For Karl’s eau de toilette for men, perfumer Jean-Christophe Herault turned to an aromatic fern. Timeless & ultra-modern at the same time, the fragrance features lavender and mandarin zest enhanced by crispy apple and violet leaves. Alluring and sensual the scent ends with the woody, spicy notes of sandalwood and an amber blend, giving the fragrance a vibrant and elegant feel.


 Karl’s influence is apparent in the straight, rigid, sharp lines of his clothing, accessories, table art, time pieces, and writing instruments. In keeping with his philosophy of accessible luxury, Karl desired a perfume bottle that was a work of robust, streamlined art. Like the collar of Karl’s favorite shirts, a large metal ring sits beneath the caps which are engraved with the designer’s iconic silhouette. The etched steel ring is a nod to the brand’s accessories.

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Together, Karl’s new fragrances form a story of desire, of irresistible attraction, magnetism, sensuality and a seductive rock-and-roll duo. He chose two of his favorite models to embody his creations, Kati Neischer and Baptise Giabiconi. A renowned photographer, Karl shot the campaign which he imagined in black and white.  The campaign shots feature the models embracing their torsos bare and bodies becoming one with hands wearing studded gloves exactly like the ones that Karl is never seen without. Their attitude reflects the sensual addictive nature of Karl’s new pair of fragrance. He explains “I believe that perfume should be something highly sensual. I wanted the photo to reflect this idea. You do not wear a perfume only to smell nice but because you want to feel handsome or beautiful.’


 Karl talks about how “today’s fashion is no longer simply about clothing. It is about the whole package – not just accessories or glasses but fragrances, too. It is important for a brand to have its own signature perfume. A fragrance is as important as a piece of clothing.”

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Gifted with both an incredible perspective on the world and a wide-open mind, Karl foresaw the use of technology in the fashion industry. Clients can now flip through lookbooks on iPads. Dressing rooms have been transformed into photo booths that let clients share their favorite items. Everyday, his website delivers a new look into Karl’s world, with behind-the-scenes clips, lists of Karl’s favorite places to visit, a peek into his agenda and of course, Karl’s famous quotes.

During the launch, we were given samples to smell. One of the things that is amazing about Karl’s new fragrances is that it is trans-generational which will be suitable and helpful when it comes to choosing gifts for your friends and family! Invited guests were all given a bottle of Karl Lagerfeld perfume, yes, we are totally spoilt! These beautiful fragrances will be available from April 14, 2014 until June 11 sold exclusively at Farmers and available at selected pharmacies and department stores.

Karl Lagerfeld for Women comes in three sizes:

25ml – $60
45ml- $90
85ml- $135

Karl Lagerfeld for Men comes in two sizes:

50ml- $85
100ml – $110
75g Deodorant Stick $35

Guests were served an assortment of sushi & Japanese delights and I enjoyed a delicious coconut mocktail at the launch party. I was told that Karl wanted the event to be sushi-filled and what Karl wants, he gets it! It was a truly special event & I know this will be an exciting and much loved perfume for all Karl Lagerfeld fans.

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