NEW NIVEA Blemish-Blasting Cleansers

NEW NIVEA Blemish-Blasting Cleansers

These brand new gorgeous NIVEA products have just arrived at my doorstep! Very exciting indeed as I always love trying out new products!

Whenever I have a conversation with my girlfriends or even at an everyday coffee table discussion,  skincare would almost always be one of our topic discussions. We may prefer one product to another but there is a consensus in that every one  wants clear, radiant skin that’s free from impurities and feels cared for.  However, with hormones raging, excess sebum, oil build-up and even the products we use can cause impurities and problem skin, leaving some of us feeling less than confident!

I remember my young school girl self at Year 7 (Form 1) having a bit of a pimple problem!! I haven’t looked back since then after knowing how to care for my skin with the right products, and of course I started with NIVEA, it was quality, yet it was affordable for a school girl!

To this day, I always have NIVEA products in my bathroom, on my dressing table & in my beauty cupboard. I love the brand for its innovation and of course amazing quality. With these two new products, it is a testament NIVEA understands that effective, multi-benefit cleansing helps us look good everyday.

The two new innovative cleansers as part of its Pure Effect range are All-In-1 Multi Action Extra Deep Cleanser and Pure Effect Thermo Daily Warming cleanser. The Pure Effect range is based on blemish-busting and moisturising ingredients, Active Magnolia Extract  and Hydra IQ which collaborate to remove and prevent impurities as well as to nourish the skin.

The unique plant extract obtained from the bark of the Magnolia officials and grandiflora plant has been used as a herbal remedy in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Additionally, exclusive to NIVEA, Hydra IQ (intensely & deeply moisturises) is a deep hydration technology supporting the creation of new hydration channels within the skin, improving moisture flow between cells.

Nivea Pure Effect All-in-one Cleanser Tube IIS

This NIVEA Pure Effect All-In-1 Extra Deep Cleanser is a multi-functional cleanser which combines five product actions in just one!!! It acts as a cleanser, scrub & mask while its anti-bacterial properties act on unwanted impurities and its non-irritating formula is gentle on the skin. I believe this will be a very helpful product for me as it will save me time to which I always welcome!!! This product definitely got my attention from the first impression!

Pores need to be opened  to cleanse deeply and NIVEA introduces Pure Effect Thermo Daily Warming Cleanser. The thermo ingredient creates a deep-acting heat effect as soon as the cleanser makes contact with wet skin allowing pores to open resulting in the removal of more skin impurities and leaving skin feeling fresh.

Nivea Pure Effect Thermo Cleanser Tube IIS

I look forward to sampling them now!

These gorgeous NIVEA cleansers are on shelf from this month (March 2014) and they are $9.99 each and will be available nationally from supermarkets, mass merchants and selected pharmacies. For stockist enquiries, please call 0800 696 483.