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Onwards & Upwards

Wow, it’s been awhile since I last wrote a note here. Much has happened since then, and I have been quite focused on my career. The drive and the motivation gets me going each morning. That doesn’t mean I have forgotten about my blog. I still think about it everyday and I have some exciting collaborations coming up, so stay tuned! Due to more time constraints now, I am even more selective of what I will feature on my blog. I guess what I’m getting at is, quality over quantity. The luxurious essence will always remain.

And, I’ve been travelling a bit more again, recently to Sydney, a bit of work intermixed with a bit of play. No matter how busy my career is, I will always find time to squeeze in some travel. It’s definitely one of my passions and it’s soul-fulfilling. Best of all, it makes me happy. Lately, I’ve been putting a lot of things into perspective. As someone who was born in Burma, I’ve been getting messages from friends and acquaintances asking me about the latest current event in Burma. I have very strong opinions about that matter, and to put it in a nutshell, I’d say don’t believe everything you read in the media. It has been largely reported, albeit unfairly. However, this matter is not a topic for discussion in this note. I’ll save it for another day. 

I just celebrated my birthday, another birthday year completed; filled with adventures, self-discovery, self-growth, self-love, short-term goals fulfilled and challenges completed. It feels amazing for once, to fully immerse and concentrate on myself, my needs and my personal time. And, it feels good to let go of people and things that weren’t meant for me. Just to be able to live the life you had envisioned for yourself, nothing feels better than that. I trust in the universe that when the time is right, everything will fall into place perfectly, in fact, it’s starting to come together neatly. 

In all aspects of my life, I like to keep things fresh, exciting, challenging and fun. I know what it’s like to emotionally check out from a relationship that was and felt stale, so over time, I have gathered some points that I would usually follow. Obviously, the list is not exhaustive; it’s just a few points I’ve decided to share. 

 Schedule Regular Dates 

 This isn’t difficult. It all comes down to planning and the desire to put in the effort.  There are so many amazing date ideas out there, from trips away to revisiting the first place you first met your partner, is always special. Simple yet elegant dates such as having a Rosé High Tea at Sofitel Sydney Wentworth makes me happy. Sofitel is the perfect place to relax, unwind and enjoy each other’s company, over a glass of Rosé, some savories and sweet treats. It definitely exudes a romantic ambiance. Try something new together. Familiarity is fine. But, being too comfortable? Definitely not.

Tell them how you feel 

 If it comes down to it, I’d prefer actions over words, any given day. Without a doubt. Effort speaks volumes, it makes me smile and I find it an appealing trait. I’m a girl that would go to the ends of the earth for people I care about, so I definitely notice it when someone matches my effort. But, that doesn’t mean that words go unnoticed. If there’s one important thing I’ve learned this year, is to verbalize your feelings, and don’t hold anything back. It helps strengthen the bond and is soul-fulfilling. 

 Discuss your hopes and dreams 

 Open communication is key. It’s important to me that I’m able to discuss everything. It’s also important that I know what makes them happy, what keeps them awake at night, what their goals and dreams are; personally and professionally. From time to time, I like to discuss ideas and I like it when they bounce their ideas with me too. It’s about working together as a partnership; I see it as building an empire. 

 Regular Communication

 This is especially one to note when you’re living in different countries. With the easy access to messaging platforms, it’s really simple and convenient and it’s up to you to set the tone of the message. It doesn’t have to be every hour, but it’s good to check in from time to time, throughout the day. I’m not big on sending messages, I prefer phone calls, so I usually like to chat on the phone at night. Or, sometimes the best time to chat is on a Saturday morning, with breakfast in bed at the Sofitel. 

 Meaningful conversations 

Usually, once I’m past getting to know the person on the surface level, I’d like to see how we connect on a more meaningful level. I can tell whether I’m connecting well or not, within the first five minutes of meeting someone (almost always). I like to have meaningful conversations, because day-to-day superficial conversations don’t really maintain my interest. I’d like to be able to have intellectual conversations from time to time; I’d like to hear his stories, life before me, and his thoughts on current events. 

These are just my thoughts that I have noted through time, and of course no one is perfect. You have to work on it, so that it feels effortless, fresh and exciting. Time to yourself is also vital. It’s also important that you understand each other’s careers. It’s about finding that right balance between being one part of two, as well as retaining that individuality which you should also celebrate and embrace.