Piñita Colada


At the time of curating, editing and writing this feature, I can already feel that the weather is getting warmer (thank God!) as I felt winter was a bit pro-longed; quite possibly due to my month-long flu. Thankfully, I have recovered! As a Christmas gift to myself, I have bought a business class trip to my birth country Burma with Emirates Airlines. I have heard a lot about Emirates being amazing, so let’s see if it lives up to the hype! I’m looking forward to this trip as I haven’t been back to visit since 2009. 

I love summer and I’m a beach bunny, so the idea of a summer holiday and tropical cocktails always excites me. Allow me to introduce you to the Piñita Colada collection from The Body Shop. Last year,  their Virgin Mojito collection was a beautiful summer highlight and I’m still loving and using the body wash currently from that collection. This year’s Piñita Colada collection is equally impressive. The Virgin Mojito collection was a playful scent, and this Piñita Colada collection is a sweeter counterpart.


A sniff of these luscious products and I was transported to Caribbean heaven. Sealed with a pineapple and coconut kiss, the new Special Edition Piñita Colada range is bursting with fresh fruitiness. The coconuts are hand-harvested from the Antilles region of the Caribbean and the pineapples are handpicked for freshness in the Santo-Domingo area. 

Recently, I’ve been playing with the new collection as I’ve had it for several weeks now (since August), lucky me! It’s a firm favorite in my shower currently. I especially adore the Piñita Colada Body Scrub ($47.50) which is an exfoliating cream and entails real shredded coconut! I then apply the oh-so-refreshing Shower Gel ($17.50). During day time, I prefer to apply the Piñita Colada Fresh Body Sorbet ($27.50) for a cooling burst of fresh moisture and in the evenings, I prefer to apply the Piñita Colada Body Butter ($17.50 for 50ml and $38.95 for 200ml) which keeps me hydrated throughout the night. I wish there was a Piñita Colada body splash; the Virgin Mojito collection had one last year! 

Rest assured, the Piñita Colada Body Butter and Exfoliating Cream Body Scrub contains The Body Shop’s Community Trade Organic Soya Oil from their supplier Gebana, located in Capanema, Brazil. 

Gebana is against deforestation and they promote sustainable, organic farming methods while boycotting chemicals and pesticides and are against the spread of GM crops, despite them being more lucrative. Soya Oil is well-known for its rich moisturising properties and makes a great base for naturally-inspired products and as it is rich in essential fatty acids, it is caring for very dry and mature skin. 

Piña Colada is one of my favorite cocktails and it’s only fitting that I feature this beautiful Piñita Colada collection from The Body Shop. I’m so looking forward to summer and have already started researching and planning for my summer holiday. If you are doing early Christmas shopping or getting gifts ‘just because’, make sure you check out this tropical collection at The Body Shop from October 3rd 2016.