I remember receiving my very own first designer fragrance as an eleven year old. And it was J’adore by Christian Dior. Such an iconic and feminine classic and that is why I love Dior for its timelessness. Dior’s new fragrance Poison Girl is truly inspiring in the sense that Poison Girl is more than a perfume. It is a story of Dior feminity. A scent with an air of SCANDAL. A hint of SUBVERSION. An appeal to the senses so STRONG. It is SEDUCTIVE and DISRUPTIVE in equal measures. A Poison Girl is provocative, her message is loud and clear: I AM POISON. A Poison Girl is a party girl, her scent follows her to the sound of a WILD beat. She is AFRAID OF NOTHING. She’s SEDUCTIVE, yet with a casual appeal. Cool, but as strong as ever. Pop Feminism; stilettos, makeup and cleavage but with a raised fist. Her perfume is her signature. Full of life and audacity. SEXY, SASSY, CONFIDENT. The perfume of a contemporary girl who freely fulfils her own desires. Who has no need to win her freedom. She was born free.

The fragrance truly speaks to us all. The modern young women. Follow your dreams and desires. Write your own story.

The Fragrance

RRP $270 for 100ml in New Zealand, available now at Farmers and selected pharmacies and department stores.

Rose is the Queen…

Sicilian Bitter Orange
Rose of May From Grasse
Damascena Rose
Venezuelan Tonka Bean

The Muse 

Camilla Rowe is young and sexy. She’s a top model of a unique type, a girl who guys fall for and women like. Her followers track her travels, her photo shoots and bursts of laughter. Her image is personal, not formatted. A girl of her time, cool and fiercely sexy.

Featured image from: In The Frow