Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix

Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix

What did I do last weekend? I headed along to the Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix at the Auckland Domain. I’ve been to several Red Bull events however this was my first time at Trolley Grand Prix; it was just as I had expected…different yet entertaining. Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix is a national event for amateur drivers racing homemade trolley vehicles. Each hand-made machine is filled by creative and competitive fun; a true celebration of kiwi ingenuity and creativity. This unique non-motorised racing event challenges both experienced racers and amateurs alike to design and build outrageous, human-powered trolley dream machines and compete against the clock in a downhill grand prix race. The Auckland Domain was transformed into a 605 metre-long trolley racing track and featured ten unique obstacles; with the track being 4m wide.

I enjoyed my Red Bull under the sun whilst being entertained by the 50 different teams. Rotorua’s Red Stag Hunters placed first with an incredibly fast time and outstanding showmanship on the race track. The trolley was expertly crafted complete with a co-pilot who manned the hand crank, moving the exterior body of the trolley and bringing a giant red stag to life. A great start to an exciting lineup of summer events!

Also, I’m pretty sure, Leonardo’s highlight at the event was meeting Shaun Johnson?!

Images below supplied by Red Bull New Zealand.