Review: Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Push Up Liner & Mascara

Review: Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Push Up Liner & Mascara

On March 14, Benefit Cosmetics NZ held a private event for beauty editors and bloggers at Smith and Caughey’s where they launched a brand new product like no other, a product which promises to change your life! To compliment their successful They’re Real! Mascara (currently the top selling product in the whole of Smith and Caughey’s), Benefit Cosmetics has introduced an eyeliner like no other in the market; the They’re Real! Push Up Liner!



At first I was a bit skeptical about this product after being told how fantastic it was, as I’ve never really found the ultimate eyeliner since lining your eyes is one of the biggest dilemmas when it comes to applying your make up. However after learning that 5 whole years were spent in the making, I was sure there couldn’t be a flaw. First and foremost, this is the first ever gel liner in a push up pen ever produced. This means that there is no liquid smudging, no pencil shavings, and no more inconvenient gel pots! All you have to do is simply twist the bottom of the pen to prime up the gel and voilà! It’s all set to go! The next part was the ultimate determination as to whether the product was actually decent enough to use on your eyes as they made it out to be.


Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 9.18.33 pm

Like I said earlier, I’ve never been the one to favour much eyeliner due to all the easy complications it can cause, but in all honesty this has been the easiest eyeliner to apply! Once primed, it was simple enough to line the eye in one quick stroke – thanks to the flat and pointed AccuFlex tip of the pen, which also means you can get it to be perfectly lash-hugging. I’ve never been able to accomplish this before so easily and neatly, let alone in a matter of seconds. And it just gets a whole lot better, thanks to being waterproof. The moment I applied this it instantly dried and has a beautiful matte finish, and I even did a swatch test to see how long the liner lasts as shown in the photo.

day 1 swatch

The waterproof matte black gel formula hasn’t dried out even at day 2 (even after having a shower!) and is still super water resistant! This formula is so strong that Benefit Cosmetics has even created an addition to the They’re! Real range, being a make up remover. Even by using the make up remover it takes a good scrub to completely remove the eyeliner, so it definitely shows that it’s something reliable that will stay on perfectly all day long.

day 2 swatch


So overall, in my personal opinion the They’re Real! Push Up Liner is the Holy Grail of all liners!
To complete the look, I’ve topped my lashes with the They’re Real! Mascara, which as already mentioned is currently the top seller in Smith and Caughey’s. The mascara also consists of a gel formula and just like the eyeliner it’s super easy to apply due to it’s specially designed rubber bristled brush.


This product was yet again super easy to apply and created a distinct amount of curl, volume, and length in just one go. I found that with just one, possibly two strokes was all it needed; otherwise it can clump as the formula is quite heavy weighted. Nevertheless, with just the tiny amount added on to your lashes it does an incredible job, and it particularly looks amazing on your bottom lashes and makes them appear as if they have extensions on!


They’re Real! Mascara is currently available for $43.

They’re Real! Push Up Liner will be officially available in New Zealand on 27 June 2014 for $45.

Photo Credit: Sophie Miya-Smith
Written by: Sophie Miya-Smith
Edited by: Chanel Henry-Win