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Review: Remington Hot Pink Curl It

Review: Remington Hot Pink Curl It


RRP $89.99

The new Remington Curl It provides a shortcut to beautiful, celebrity inspired curls in a flash. This sleek conical tong uses premium ceramic technology and features 10 variable heat settings to help you achieve luscious waves at the simple twist of a wrist.

For those who have struggled to get the perfect sized curls or who have thick or long hair and find that curling your hair takes too long to do, well you no longer have to worry about any of that with this Remington curling wand thanks to its unique form. This curling iron couldn’t get any simpler as there is no clamp, allowing you to easily wrap any length of thickness of your hair around it, and with a temperature range up to 210 seconds, your hair is curled literally in seconds.

Logically, the longer your hair is wrapped around the wand, the tighter the curls will become, and if you wrap it at the wider end of the wand you will achieve much larger curls, while the tip of the wand will create tighter curls. This creates a natural looking gradual effect, and can also allow you the option of the tightness of curls depending on whereabouts on the wand you decided to start wrapping it.

So initially there is no need to change the wand with any extra adapters in different sizes, as you can do it all with just one wand! At first it does take a moment to get used to handling the wand as there is no clamp to hold down, and you wouldn’t want to touch the wand as you could easily burn yourself unless you are using the gloves, but once you get the hang of that it’s all pretty simple.  Also there is a plastic piece between the handle and the wand of the curling iron that can be used as a stand, so there isn’t an issue at all when placing the iron down while it’s still on or when turned off and waiting for it to cool down.

The only downfall of this Remington curler that I would have to point out would be the waiting time for it to fully heat up, as there is a blue light that flashes for quite some time and tells you it’s temperature and will stop flashing when it is ready to use. Overall, I highly recommended it for someone who has thick hair as you can wrap around a very large lock of hair at a time (I have thick hair myself, however my hair is only just shoulder length so it was a bit awkward to use at first to try and get that gradual curling effect), and definitely if you have long hair as you can achieve a great amount of curling in a wide length which is usually a difficulty with the average curler.  

Written by: Sophie Miya-Smith 

Edited by: Chanel Henry-Win