Special K Relaunch

Special K Relaunch


On Wednesday 19th March 2014, I was one of the invited guests to the re-launch of Special K. Upon arriving at the beautiful mansion ‘The Pavilion’, I had to initially check whether I was at the correct venue for the Special K re-launch. My first thoughts…am I at someone’s property?


Surely, I was at someone’s property, of course! The mansion was beyond beautiful and it was as though I was transported to a celebrity’s home in Beverly Hills! Once I saw the Special K sign, I quickly scuttled into the property, a little fashionably late, but nonetheless eager to see what was in store for me!!



I was dressed down & comfortable in my fitness gear as we were told in the invitation that we would be doing yoga and that a nutritious breakfast would follow! I was guided to an area of the property where red yoga mats were laid out, overlooking Auckland harbour views. What a magnificent, blissful morning! I love yoga & it was such a great, unique experience, doing Yoga alongside other beauty and lifestyle editors and throughout the whole time, I felt at peace, in the moment and very zen!!


 Special K certainly went all out with this re-launch and it is the perfect way to indicate that there is good news for Kiwi women as Kellogg New Zealand announces one of its most popular breakfast cereals is changing for the better. Special K now have more goodness than ever thanks to a new three-grain recipe.



Special K assured us that the breakfast cereal will deliver the same great taste as New Zealanders know and love, however, it will be more nutritious than ever. The new three grain recipe includes added wholegrain oats which means Special K now provides a source of fibre, wholegrain and contains around 15% less sodium. With about 20% protein, Special K is still one of the highest protein cereals available.


 One cup of Special K with half a cup of skim milk provides 25% of the recommended daily intake of protein which is similar to a poached egg on toast. Science tells us that protein in the morning supports satiety to help manage hunger which is music to the ears for those wanting to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle. The iconic breakfast brand is taking new, healthier direction in 2014 with the recipe makeover being the first significant step and this is the first time in the brand’s history that the recipe has undergone such a big change. Kellogg marketing and innovation manager Julian Ng explains this change: “As a brand we’ve been on a long journey with New Zealand women to help them eat well and live an active lifestyle. In order to evolve with them, we as a brand need to evolve what we offer them. That’s why we’ve improved our recipe, making it more nutritious, but still with the same great taste.”


The new Special K flake is a source of wholegrain, fibre and protein, plus contains 8 vitamins and minerals including iron and it is still 99% fat free. Guests were treated to a healthy and scrumptious breakfast and to be honest, for someone who does not usually eat much cereal, I really enjoyed tasting this new Special K cereal, truly scrumptious with fresh fruits and yoghurt.


Throughout the day, I felt fresh, invigorated and full of energy!

New Zealanders can get hold of this new range of Special K in-store from late March.