Starting my New Year with T-Sips Handcrafted tea

Starting my New Year with T-Sips Handcrafted tea

I’m about to make a cup of tea for myself as I am writing this. Over the past year and these summer holidays, I have seen the increasing amount of tea brands being advertised online and splashed all over Instagram. You see Storm & India, Skinny Bunny Tea, and so forth. What catches your attention? Is it all just pretty packaging and what are the benefits?


The benefits of tea have been touted the world over. It’s the hot drink fix for the health conscious who are turning their backs on highly caffeinated coffee in favour of antioxidant, anti-aging and deeply hydrating properties of tea.


Recently, I was sent some lovely tea from t-sips. Definitely caught my eye as the packaging was just so pretty and elegant. The unique blends derive all the way from the lush surroundings of Sri Lanka’s rainforest, immersed in a culture steeped in the ritual of tea making.


t-sips are hand-crafted using whole leaf teas, rough-cut herbs, real fruit pieces and flowers. They are beautifully packaged in silky pyramid tea bags to release essential oils, gorgeous colour and an exquisite aroma.


There are 10 aromatic flavours to choose from:

Ceylon Black Tea, Earl Grey Tea, Ginger Peach Black Tea, Ceylon Cinnamon Spiced Tea, Classic Green Tea, Mango Green Tea, Green Jasmine Pear, Hibiscus Rosehip Strawberry, Tropical Lemongrass Tea and Vanilla Mint Tea


RRP $11.99

You can find them at Smith&Caugheys in Auckland, Kirkcaldie & Stains in Wellington and Ballantynes in Christchurch.

To shop online: or