The Little Things in Life

The Little Things in Life

Free time today is sacred, a precious commodity that so many of us worry about spending well. Too often, the time we have outside the office is polluted by the anxiety of getting the necessities on your to-do list done.  With all these things to do, finding time for yourself is hard, but making time for your friends is even harder. During this break, I have been focusing on personal development and of course, quality time with friends and family. The thing is, making time to nourish our friendships is important for our health, happiness, and overall life balance. I would recommend catching up with friends at least once a week to share beautiful stories and learn from each other. Currently, I am also working through something personal and mending something that is so special in my life that is worth saving.

As some of you may know, I have called time out on many of my commitments (my blog side of things) and I have reduced the number of events that I would attend and it will remain that way until I am ready and recharged again. I feel burnt out, especially with so many events to attend whilst juggling my legal career. I am definitely not complaining; in fact I feel very blessed to be invited to some of the most amazing events and parties, however there comes a time when you have to press pause and just be still, in the moment.

I can’t wait to come back fully recharged and with newfound inspiration to continue doing the things I have always loved doing. Until then, I have collated some things I have been enjoying with my friends and perhaps you too, can enjoy them with your loved ones.

Berocca Forward

The moment has finally arrived. From trusted brand Berocca comes a new energy drink called Berocca Forward. Just in time to the busy lead up to Christmas, new Berocca Forward can help you stay on top, giving you that extra boost and providing an uplifting source of energy to fuel your mind and body. I will be away from Auckland most of December so there are a lot of things I need to finish before I leave for my holiday. Berocca Forward keeps me going.

Made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients, it contains B vitamins, vitamin C and added minerals such as magnesium and zinc which work with you to release your energy. It also has guarana, a natural energiser that comes from an Amazonian berry. 50% less sugar than average full sugar energy drinks and no artificial stimulants, you can feel reassured that you’re getting a healthier energy boost.

The lightly sparkling pick me up is available in 250ml cans and comes in two delicious flavours: Tropical Orange and Red Berries. It can be purchased in a single can or packs of four.

Available from October 1st RRP $2.50 per can or $8.50 per four pack.

Donovans Rocky Road Clusters

Recently, Donovans sent some delightful chocolate treats my way. Prior to this lovely delivery, I’ve never tried Donovans chocolates before. I had been missing out! In the heart of the Waikato, Donovans have been busy crafting the perfect addition to their indulgence range, a classic coconut favourite with a twist, introducing Donovans Chocolate Coconut Bites – with a splash of lime. They contain no artificial colours or flavours.

The new bites are available in selected supermarkets and specialty stores (RRP $5.99).

My favourite is the Donovans Rocky Road Clusters (RRP $3.99). A premium chocolate brand; made here in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients. They’ve  been in the business since 1991. These beautiful Rocky Road Clusters are 60% dark chocolate with crunchy peanuts, marshmallows and sweet berry bits. I can’t wait to discover more of their goodness! If you love your chocolate, check out the assortment of chocolates by Donovans with your friends, if you haven’t already.

Old El Paso

Old El Paso Mini Tortillas comes in ‘boat-shaped’, soft, yummy and super simple to fill, hold and eat. My brother is having fun trying that out.

I prefer a bit of crunch to my tacos so I especially love the Old El Paso Mini Stand n Stuff Taco Shells. It doesn’t have to be just minced beef. I prefer to make fish tacos and prawn tacos, topped with guacamole or for a bit of kick, I love some spicy salsa on top. I love serving these delicious tacos when I have invited some friends over as they are quick and efficient; and you can find them in supermarkets nationwide. The lovely thing about these Old El Paso Mini Stand n Stuff Tacos is that it’s a fun activity with friends, anyone can make tacos so it’s something you can all create together.

Old El Paso Mini Stand N’ Stuff Tortillas (RRP $5.99) and Old El Paso Mini Stand N’ Stuff Taco Shells (RRP $5.69).

Lewis Road Creamery Strawberry Delights

I was sent this beautiful Strawberry Milk and Ice Cream from Lewis Road Creamery last month, a day after my birthday and was pleasantly surprised when the media kit arrived as it was so thoughtfully planned out.

Nothing says summer like strawberries, and this year the sweet taste of summer is arriving early with two delicious dairy treats from Lewis Road Creamery; Lewis Road Creamery Strawberry Ice Cream combine the sweetness of real strawberries with the creaminess of Lewis Road’s pure dairy products to deliver an authentic strawberry taste unlike anything else available. They are back by popular demand as initially, they were created exclusively for a one-day-only promotion in July.

Made the old fashioned way, the ice cream is freshly churned with whole cream, milk and eggs then blended with real strawberries to deliver a fresh strawberry taste, super creamy texture and natural look – no artificial colours or flavours here.

Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Strawberry Milk made in collaboration with OOB, is the first in a series of limited release seasonal flavoured milks. It combines Lewis Road’s premium permeate-free whole milk with real strawberries for a delicious taste free from artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives. Founder Peter Cullinane stated; “We have used real strawberries in our milk, which sets this apart from anything else on offer, and it makes the world of difference to the taste.”

Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Strawberry Milk (limited release) is available in stores RRP $3.69 (300ml) and $6.49 (750ml). Lewis Road Strawberry Ice Cream is also available in stores nationwide RRP $11.99 for a 750ml tub with a 120ml pot is also due for release.

These two weeks have been some of the toughest weeks of my life but I have been able to soldier through. You really find the strength within yourself when you are thrown in the deep end. Of course, this week has been better than last and as they say, a bad day/week is exactly that, it is not a bad life! There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Through all this, make sure you spend quality time with your loved ones. I will be doing exactly that this weekend. Find the time to love, laugh, live in the moment and enjoy each other.