The next best Kiwi product under the sun: SKINNIES

The next best Kiwi product under the sun: SKINNIES

While I was at lunch in Ponsonby the other day, I started to feel the harsh sun burning my skin.  It was such an uncomfortable feeling that I quickly put my jumper over my arm. I was quickly reminded of how significant it is to start applying sunscreen more religiously as summer approaches.

A lovely product called Skinnies arrived on my desk recently. They are on a mission to ensure Kiwis are protected this summer. You may ask why? Because Skinnies is sick of skin cancer. Skinnies makes SPF30 sunscreen gel suited to our climate. What I love about this brand is that it is a quick-drying formula that is not greasy at all. You don’t need much of it, as a little goes a long way.

They are offering half priced Skinnies to anyone who has ever had skin cancer, if you purchase them online and they will donate a portion of all sales to the Melanoma Foundation.

The range includes:

Skinnies Sungel 100ml $34.95, 35ml $18.40

and Skinnies LOOKS Beauty Gel $44.30


For more information, visit and good stockists nationwide.