The original NutriBullet launches in New Zealand stores

The original NutriBullet launches in New Zealand stores

Yesterday, I went to the NutriBullet launch and tried a delicious smoothie with the help of the NutriBullet machine. It is no news anymore that our society is heading towards the healthy eating & healthy lifestyle trend. The event was beautifully done with invited guests being able to choose from one of the given recipes or to get creative and make your own. As I love my berries, I opted for the Berries option, and other bits and bobs such as mango, greek yoghurt, chia seeds… The results? Delicious and the NutriBullet cup itself is portable and because it is wide, it is much easier to drink from. The size of the NutriBullet cup also means that it is pretty filling! Here are some of the snapshots I took:

Photo 7-08-15 3 45 21 pm

Photo 7-08-15 3 45 25 pmPhoto 7-08-15 3 34 56 pm

Photo 7-08-15 11 05 48 am

Photo 7-08-15 3 45 28 pm

Photo 7-08-15 3 45 31 pm

It can reduce whole fruits and vegetables – including fibre, pulp, seeds and skins – into a silky smooth texture that your body can easily digest. Because it breaks down the cell walls of whole foods, the important vitamins and minerals are released so that you can absorb them and reap the health benefits.

Photo 7-08-15 3 45 34 pm

Photo 7-08-15 3 45 34 pm

Why does one need this in their kitchen? It’s better than a juicer, because all of the fibre from fruit and vegetables is retained (watch your sugar level if you are juicing fruits quite a bit using a juicer); and it’s better than a blender, because it completely extracts the valuable nutrients from ingredients, to ensure your body can use them.

Photo 7-08-15 11 05 48 am

Photo 7-08-15 3 45 40 pm

Photo 7-08-15 3 45 46 pm

I am sure we have all seen the imitations? Imitation is indeed flattery however, unlike competitor brands, you can even use your NutriBullet Pro to make fresh nut butter – try hazelnuts, cacao, dates and a little coconut water for a delicious raw hazelnut chocolate spread. Get creative!

Photo 7-08-15 3 45 55 pm

The original NutriBullet is now available in New Zealand retail stores for the first time. Find it now at Noel Leeming, Briscoes, Farmers, Mitre 10, JB HiFi, Smiths City, Moore Wilson’s, Ballantynes and Heathcote Appliances. NutriBullet Pro 900W $229.99, NutriBullet Original 600W $179.99.

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