Transformers- The Last Knight

Transformers- The Last Knight

After a few years’ hiatus from the big screen, Transformers return with the long awaited sequel; The Last Knight.  In true Michael Bay fashion, viewers were treated with over two hours of incredible fighting sequences, unrivalled 3D animation and you guessed it, a blood bath of Autobots and Decepticons.

The Last Knight carries on where its predecessor left off with Optimus Prime returning to Cybertron in search of his master. We learned that his master (also his creator), was a female transformer named Quintessa. Small but all powerful, her agenda was restore Cybertron to its former glory. To do this, she reprograms Optimus and enslaves him to carry out her wishes by ordering him to retrieve a staff that belonged to her.  Viewers learned that this staff had made its way to earth after being stolen by twelve transformer knights who had sworn to protect her. Folk tale heroes like Merlin and Lancelot made appearances and were depicted to have had first hand encounters with the twelve knights.  Merlin, whose reputation for magic made him legendary, was revealed to be an old drunk, but his valour and desire to protect the human race against bad won the trust of one of the twelve knights. The knight gifted the staff to Merlin so he could protect his people. Post Merlin’s death, we learned that it would follow him to the grave. The search for his tomb became the focal point of the film as whoever retrieved the staff first could turn the tide on the war. However, if the staff found its way back to Quintessa, she would use it to form suck the life dry from earth and return Cybertron to its original state before the Autobot and Decepticon war. Alliances are built amongst humans, old Decepticon foes return and new characters take stage as the battle for earth’s survival became the crux of the plot.

The Last Knight didn’t fail to disappoint. Jaw dropping 3D fighting scenes provided the crucial entertainment to keep viewers mesmerized throughout the two hour ordeal. The film sequences were well orchestrated and every battle scene had action and explosions to topple viewers off their seats. In true Transformers fashion, eye candy for both men and women were on display with appearances by Mark Wahlberg and Laura Haddock. A nice dosage of Anthony Hopkins also helped add a different feel to the film. Despite all of the exciting positives, there was room for improvement. A common discussion amongst viewers outside the theatre was that there was ‘too much happening’. As incredible as the battle scenes were, the amount of information the brain had to process from the lights to the explosions made it easy to forget what the actual end game of the film was. The conversations between characters throughout different facets of the film sometimes dragged on to the point of madness. Rambling between characters could have been cut short and not all humour was worth the laugh. Script writers may have to go back to the drawing board on this one.

The film ends with a nice cliff hanger that alludes to the relationship between earth and Cybertron being explored further in a sequel. This film really was a build up for what’s to come, the battle before the war. And no doubt, the real war between humans, Autobots and Decepticons is coming. Bring on the next Transformers!

Reviewed by Htut Win for Pink&Sparkles